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Ambassador For Higher Consciousness

Evolution Nutrition Consultant

Alchemical Holistic Chef

Sovereignty Life Coach

My Mission & Vision For The World

I am on a mission to revolutionize the health & nutrition industries. They have failed miserably to help humans to be radiantly healthy and thrive. In fact, due to misinformation, deceit and programming most people have put themselves on a hamster wheel of constant obesity and health epidemics. The modern food and water supply are not ideal forms of nutrition and hydration for our Holy Temples. Us Superheroes require food and water constituents that are infused with Light and Consciousness if we are to thrive and hit our highest potentials. It's time for the next quantum leap in your human potential. I intend to create and produce the highest vibrational foods, drinks and supplements this planet has ever seen.


Humans have also become disconnected from their lifeline of Mother Earth. 90% of humanity is not aware that we require the life force (Light) from Mother Earth to thrive and be happy. We are intrinsically linked to Mamma Earth. The many health epidemics out there are due to people being disconnected from the planet and living is chaotic energies of wifi, computers, cell phones and static electricity from power lines. My intention is to create immersive and transformational experiences of helping people to reconnect back to the planet as to access higher consciousness and well being.

My vision for the planet and humanity is a reality where all humans are vibrantly healthy and accessing their highest potentials. The access to the highest vibrational foods, drinks and supplements that activate our Superpowers so we can all make our greatest impact for the planet. A healthy society is the only pathway to true expansion and evolution. It's time to put health, well being and our link to nature to be our #1 priority in everyone's lives and not money and material goodies that leave people feeling empty.

It's time for us to be the Superheroes who came to this planet to save the human race from self annihilation.

It's Time To Unleash Your Inner Superhero!!!

ZERIAN RADIAN - Your Superhero Catalyst

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