You Were Born To Fly

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

This life is a mystery at its core. The many stories being played out on a daily basis on this planet is truly a marvel. This life offers so many different experiences from low to high from sadness to happiness. Will we ever truly comprehend what this light show is really about? Probably not!

In observing life and humanity over the years it appears that somehow we have lost touch with our true essence. We have lost touch with who we truly are. We have lost touch with our Awesomeness. Somehow humans love to fit in and follow rather than trek their own path. Many people love to follow patterns and create structures and paradigms that are fixed and rigid.

Well, life does not work that way. Life and this Universe are about expansion and constant renewal. What humanity has created are fixed and rigid paradigms for living and thus you can see the byproduct of what happens when you try to box and confine life. It is called disharmony and limitation. It is called a lack of flow. It is called Unconsciousness.

Just as if you were to pinch a garden hose to stop the water, humanity has created a life paradigm that stifles its creative expression and expansion as a sacred being. This is not the way it is supposed to be my friend. I know you can feel it. Everyone can feel that something is not right with how this life has been set up. Everyone can feel the unsettled sense that there is more to be experienced here....way more!

Yet, most of humanity continues to do the same things over and over again day in and day out. They continue to go to jobs that are not fulfilling. They continue to be in marriages that feel draining. They continue to hang out with people that pull their energy down. They continue to gratify their addictions.

Why is this so? Why do most humans do things they really do not desire to? Why does humanity as a whole continue to allow itself this limiting expression of their lives? Why is it this way? It is so because humanity has been hoodwinked to think that this is all there is to life. Humanity has been programmed to play small, to follow rather than lead, and to view itself as inferior to an unknown God in the sky.

Well, all of this is obviously not healthy and all you have to do is simply look at this world and there you see the byproduct of a humanity that has lost touch with its power and Source. Humanity has been fooled into thinking that life is all about money, paying your bills and following the status quo.

Ding Dong...consider this your wake up call. You did not come to this planet to continue to follow this mundane human expression. You did not come here to follow and do what has been done for thousands of years on this planet. You did not come to fit in. You did not come here to allow others to continue to play small with their lives.

You came to this planet to ruffle feathers. You came here to be a model of a new expression for humanity. You came to this planet to uplift Consciousness and to create new structures and new systems for living. You came to challenge humanity as to become aware of it Unconscious ways. You came to be a brilliant light in a world that has become lost and inebriated with money and physical goodies. are one of the mighty warriors/warrioresses who is going to lead humanity to a whole new dimension of expressing and living. You are one of the forerunners of expanded Consciousness. We are creating a new reality for this planet and you are here to breathe, live and express this new Consciousness. I thank you immensely for being you and for being brave enough to step out into this world and shining your light on a planet that has gone mad.

You Are Born To Fly 

You were born to fly my friend. You were born to fly really high. I know you have been waiting for this moment where you have confirmation that you are here to do something extraordinary with your life. Well, you now have it. You have full permission to go be the brilliant being you came to be. You have full permission to express yourself in your own unique way.

Believe me, I know what it is like to want to express yourself yet you hold back because of fear of what others will think. You fear stepping out and claiming your Awesomeness. You fear that most people in your life will judge you and even stop loving you. GET OVER IT! This planet does not have any more time to wait for you to be brave enough to step out and be your radiant self. Do it NOW! This planet needs you NOW!

You are safe to do so. There are others out here doing it and so can you. We are here to support you on your mission. It is time to rock this house and rock it BIG. We are here to create ripples that will be felt for many generations. We are here to create a mass shift in Consciousness that will finally transform this planet.

Time to roll up your sleeves and time to arise from your slumber. It is time to clear your field and Consciousness of all things that are not you. It is time for you to claim your Divinity. It is time for you to elevate your frequency so you can go out in the world and impact everything and everyone with simply your vibration.

This is a monumental time for you. This is a monumental time for humanity. We shall bring in a new dawn for this planet. It is here NOW! Now, take some deep breaths and claim your True Essence and Power. Go out in the world and make people feel your vibe. Make humanity feel the Awesomeness of your True Self.

If there is anything you ever require on your journey, feel free to contact me. Now go out there and shine as brilliant as a million suns.

To Your Most Victorious Life,



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