You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

You are the one you have been waiting for and we are the ones this planet has been waiting for, for thousands of years! :) The time has arrived, the time is now. No more waiting, no more talking, no more excuses. It is your duty to arise and go out and shine as bright as you possibly can. This planet requires your help right now and humanity requires to awaken from its sleep.

You are the one that has chosen to bring in a new dawn and a new consciousness to this planet and humanity. You are the one that has the frequencies and consciousness to spark many people to remember who they truly are.

My friend, it is time to spread your wings and fly so high and show others that they can do it too. Allow yourself the audacity to shine as brilliant as a million suns, blazing for the whole world to see. Illuminate your life as to guide you and uplift you to higher and higher possibilities. Your brilliance is required. Your brilliance is like a holy nectar waiting to be savored by others. What are you waiting for, the time is at hand!

We now have the golden opportunity to create and leave a legacy for humanity. We can catapult ourselves to a new reality of delicious illumination of the highest kind. Make it your mission to be all in and remember how you show up and how many people you impact shall significantly serve to uplift all life on this sacred planet. My friend, prepare yourself as the new dawn is unfolding and you are one of the way showers to a higher reality.

This planet shall no longer support humans and the unconsciousness that has befallen it. We require to arise to a state of being and consciousness that is god-like. Humans have allowed this planet to be converted into a big shopping mall where anything and everything is for sale.

People have become inebriated with money and material objects. These superficialities do not satisfy the spirit as has been proven now for thousands of years. Connection to your True Self shall awaken you to the nectar of life that most people truly desire.

The nectar of being fully present and awake and feeling so alive and well. It is being aligned with the Source that is in your heart. It is feeling so free and wanting to express your inner joy through your talents and other creative faculties. Arise and express! It is ok, you have full permission to do so.

Express and shine and allow others to be nourished by your uplifting frequencies. Show the others that they have permission to shine as well. You are safe. You are a catalyst for the upliftment and expansion for this planet.

Savor the deliciousness of the journey here on planet earth. Smile knowing you are the Source you have been seeking all along out there somewhere. The mystery is over, you now know the greatest secret of all times. Have peace in your heart and solstice in your being knowing you are the Source and no longer need to seek for connection to some outside source ever again. You are the one you have been waiting for!!! Now go out there and be the greatest model of your most brilliant self.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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