Why Your Body Is The Holy Chalice & Secret Gateway To Expansion

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

There is a secret that has been kept hidden from you your whole life. In fact, this secret has been kept hidden from humanity now for thousands of years. There have been many distractions thrown at humans to purposely mislead them from this profound Truth. What is this secret?

This hidden secret is that your body is a Holy Chalice. It is the Holy Grail for your expansion and evolution. It is not a gold cup or ornament as most people have been led to believe. That is the misdirect to keep you from the Truth.

The fact is, if you truly desire to expand your Consciousness and reach your highest potential then you require to elevate the frequency of your body. You require supplying your body with the base element bionutrients and base element hydration each day. The Modern Food & Water Supply Can't Activate Your Higher Potentials The issue is that the modern food supply and the water supply both can not adequately nourish or hydrate your body as to achieve radiant health nor attain high levels of Consciousness. Most people are doing tedious spiritual practices each day while neglecting the most important aspect to expansion. Most people are not taking care of their Holy Chalice in the way that is conducive to their highest potentials.

There is also a hodge podge of health misinformation out there that is programming people and misleading them from the Truth. The fact is that most of the food supply (80%) is altered from its Divine state. It is either GMO or hybridized, both of which your body can not recognize.

This altered food supply can not nourish your body, plain and simple. It actually makes your body toxic. It is being discovered now that GMO food can actually alter your DNA. Not a good thing if you desire True Expansion.

Organic is not a solution either because the seeds being used in organic farming are also altered and are GMO regardless of what you are being told. The whole "organic" industry is a big money machine and you are paying higher prices for altered food products that can not and will not nourish your body properly.

Your body requires hundreds of base element bionutrients each day. The modern food supply has at most a handful to a dozen base element nutrients. Your body also requires properly structured water that is infused with Life Force energy.

Bottled water is toxic to your system and clogs your body with plastic residues which can alter your hormones. This in turn can make you gain weight, alter your libido, clog your liver, impede digestion and lower your overall vibe.

All of this congestion of plastic residues and toxins in your body messes up your brain processing of Higher Faculties of Intuition, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and other spiritual faculties.

Your brain is processing billions of activities in each second. It is also processing multidimensional information coming from Source. Your pineal gland is the core center of your expansion. Quite interesting that the water supply has flouride and other contaminants in it that actually calcify your pineal gland.

The toxic modern GMO food supply also causes your pineal gland to become calcified. All of this (plastic bottled water and altered food supply) is basically impeding your ability to connect fully to Source and your Highest Potentials. Now you know why most of humanity never fully taps into their Higher Potentials. You Need To Activate Your Evolution Through Your Brain You can not access these Higher Potentials without supplying your body with its base element requirements. Your body requires base element nutrients and structured water as to be able to string together the molecules to create the Divine bio-cofactors necessary to supply the brain and pineal gland with catalyzing constituents.

In essence, humanity has become disconnected from its true Source and Power. You can say that most humans are "OFFLINE" and unable to tap into Higher Wisdom and Higher Source Knowledge due to their body being congested and calcified.

This calcification does not allow you to be plugged into the Source Field. Your body can not process the informational light codes nor create the biochemicals that are responsible for being able to decipher Higher Source energies.

At the core of your body and your being your are made up of Light Photons. You are supposed to process Light Codes coming from Source through your body via your brain and DNA. Toxic water and altered food make you more dense which in turn lowers your overall vibration. With a lower vibration your body will not be able to process Light Codes which are coming in at faster than Light Speeds.

It is kind of like your internet connection that is bogged down (slow connection = dense and toxic body) and you can not load videos nor load pages nor visit websites. Your body can not process this high speed information (energy) coming from Source if you are toxic, ingesting dense and altered food, or drinking plastic bottled water.

Performing spiritual practices like meditation or yoga can not override this lowering of your body vibration. Your body is the vehicle through which you expand, not in doing mental processes like meditation and Laws of Attraction practices.

True Evolution Happens Through Your Sacred Temple

Your body is the main fulcrum for your evolution, it is the seat of Source. It is the gateway for your Highest Potentials. Hidden within your pineal gland and DNA, you have a treasure trove of gems and faculties waiting to be ignited and put "ONLINE". Once activated and "ONLINE", now you have the Potential to access Higher Wisdom, Higher Knowledge and your Higher Faculties begin to expand.

This is True Expansion and Evolution of the Highest kind. It is your Divine Right to know this information and yet it has been hidden from you. You have been purposely distracted and misled as to keep you from this knowledge.

Bring your Awareness to your body and do everything you can to raise its vibration. Do everything you can to ensure you supply it with its requirements each day. As you do, you shall begin to experience expanded energy levels, more mental clarity, more clear downloads from Source and an overall feeling of connection to your Higher Powers.

How You Can Begin To Assist Your Body And Raise Your Frequency: 1) Stop drinking water from plastic bottles. Purchase glass bottled water only. The plastic residues clog your excretory channels and alter your hormones. They impede your liver's ability to produce key hormones like IGF 1 and its ability to detox your body. You can also find a local spring in your area and go fill up glass jugs.

As a last resort you can use filtered water and distilled water, however, these types of water are bioenergetically dead. Meaning they have no Life Force energy in them making these types water not healthy for raising your vibration. In fact, drinking too much reverse osmosis and distilled and deionized and high pH waters can do many negative things to your body in the long run.

So, if you are going to use any of these types of water (reverse osmosis, distilled, ionized) you require to structure them with a water vortexer. Be aware that there are many water machines out there being sold for high cost and they are not healthy as claimed. Any machine that is using electrolysis is splitting water molecules and this is not the way nature works and is not ideal for hydrating your body properly.

A vortexer structures your water using sacred geometries and the nature of spirals which revitalizes and reactivates the Life Force along with shifting the water molecules to be more hydrating to your body. You can purchase one from my Superhero Store. Click Here! 2) Begin to detox your body using natural earth elements that will assist to cleanse your sacred temple of heavy metals, parasites and calcifications. You can use cilantro tea that you make fresh by simply adding a big bunch of cilantro to about 25 ounces of water and bring to a simmer for about 10 minutes. Allow to cool and drink a few times per day for about 3 days to a week. Cilantro has been shown to be a great attractor for heavy metals and toxins.

You can also use fulvic acid minerals that elevate the ability of your body to cleanse and nourish your full body system. Fulvic acid minerals also supply your brain with the electrolytes it requires to activate pineal gland functions for expanding your Consciousness. Go here to purchase Fulvic Acid Minerals from my holistic health store. The feedback I have gotten from people using this product is off the charts awesome. Chlorella is also a fantastic detoxifier as it has a very strong affinity to bind to toxic compounds like heavy metals, parasites and other impurities in your body. Chlorella also has Growth Factor in it making it a super great adjunct for rejuvenating your body and better brain functioning. Chlorella has been shown to improve mental faculties and clarity.

3) Begin to use higher vibe fats in your daily intake of nutrition. Fats are actually the greatest nutrient your body desires for maximum functioning. Fats are directly responsible for cell communication, for neuron brain activity as in the relay of vital information and codes that are linking your Higher Faculties of Intuition. Fats also assist with detoxing your body along with elevating your energy levels. Fats Are King Be aware that your body requires both unsaturated fats and saturated fats. In fact, saturated fats are the KING of nutrients because your brain is actually composed of fat that is similar to saturated fat. When you intake these vital compounds you assist your brain to function at a much Higher Capacity.

I recommend unrefined organic hemp seed oil, macademia nut oil and unrefined grapeseed oil for the unsaturated fats and make sure to use lots of grass fed butter, raw eggs, kefir and fatty cuts of meat if you eat meat as in rib eye, chicken wings and legs, salmon for the saturated fats. The fatty meats are actually the healthiest to intake regardless of the erroneous claims by society that they are not. Lean meats acidify your body and are hard to digest and deplete your reserve nutrients. Begin to embody these few holistic practices and you may begin to see miracles showing up in your health and life. After all, you are here to go higher, to expand and experience your highest and most victorious life.


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