Why Sugar Is A Soul Killer

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most people know that consuming sugar is not healthy. You have heard it time and time again from many sources that ingesting too much sugar is not ideal for your well being. However, what you may not know are the True reasons why sugar is so unhealthy.

Take a pause right now and breathe. Why do you think sugar is so unhealthy for your body and well being? Simply sit and come up with at least three main reasons on why sugar is so unhealthy. Now, even though you came up with valid reasons as to why sugar is not healthy to consume, you are not aware that there are deeper spiritual implications to ingesting sugar.

In fact, these spiritual implications are the cause of so much disharmony on this planet. Yet, most people miss these deeper underlying factors to what sugar is truly doing to you on a multidimensional basis.

So, if you leave an open mind, I will go into the deeper spiritual implications of why ingesting sugar is the most unhealthy habit you can do. And...I am taking this really deep and that is sugar is one of the greatest impediments to your evolution. In fact, sugar is a soul killer.

5 Holistic Facts That You Do Not Know About Sugar

1) Ingesting sugar stimulates your nervous system and brain. It is kind of like running too many Gigabytes of information through your computer that it can not handle. What you get is that your computer begins to malfunction and even freeze because there is so much data trying to be processed.

When you ingest sugar on a routine basis, it causes your brain to be in over drive causing your neurons to be firing too fast. Your whole nervous system is so ramped up and your body can not calm down. What you think as energy after you ingest a sugar item is not energy at all. It is the over stimulation of your whole brain, body, spirit complex.

This continual over-stimulation then causes your brain to think that this is normal and resets your nervous system to be in overdrive. Anytime this over drive wears off, your brain will seek to bring you back to this level. As such, you become addicted to specific sugar foods and drinks. What your brain is doing is seeking to restore what it considers homeostasis. Obviously, this is not the Truth.

This is why so many people are addicted to sugar foods. In essence, what they have done is reprogram their brain and nervous system to be in a high ramped up state. This is why so many people do not succeed in getting off of sugar and not be able to stick with certain diets. The cravings that people get is the brain attempting to bring you back to the new programming of over-stimulation.

 I think this gives you a better idea of what is going on with you and why many people tend to ingest unhealthy sugar foods and drinks. This over-stimulation of your nervous system will cause you to do many things that are not healthy for you.

2) Ingesting sugar foods and sugar drinks lowers the overall vibration of your cells and DNA. This fact alone ought to make you reconsider your nutrition intake at this point in time. Let me explain.

You see, your cells and DNA are vibrating at a certain frequency. When you have cells and DNA that are vibrating very high, you tend to have lots of energy and vitality. You have a vibe about you that others notice.

What you are not aware of is that your cells and DNA are vibrating faster than the speed of Light. They require to be in this HIGH VIBE STATE as to be able to process the billions of bits of information necessary to keep your body in homeostatic balance. Your cells and body require information as to produce the many bio compounds for creating energy (ATP) and hormones and other biochemicals that keep your body running efficiently.

Now, when you dump sugar into your body, it literally slows the vibration of your cells and DNA. The implication of this is it does not allow your cells and DNA to process the billions of bits of information as to run the many systems for your health. It is kind of like when your wifi connection gets bogged down and does not allow you to access the internet.

So too does your body begin to shut down when you ingest too much sugar. You now have a ripe condition for many health conditions to arise as is the case with the many health epidemics that continue to rise each year.

Let me get real with you for a second. Your body is a Holy Chalice. It is the Holy Grail spoken about in legends and history. Most people have been deceived into thinking that The Holy Grail is some ornament or powerful gem. My friend, the Holy Grail is your body. It is the secret gateway to your expansion and evolution.

So, ingesting sugar lowers your overall vibration. It does not allow your body and DNA to link into Higher Source. Higher Source information is supposed to run through your cells and DNA. This Higher Source information is what keeps you healthy and vibrant. It also expands your Intuitive Abilities and other spiritual gifts. By ingesting sugar you are literally severing your link to this Higher Source, some may call it The Creator.

As such, you can not link into your Higher Faculties of Intuition, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and other spiritual gifts from Higher Dimensions. Do you get what I just revealed to you? If you do, then maybe you have a shot at experiencing life on a whole new level. The fact is, most people are so addicted to sugar that they will never give it up. As such, they will never tap into their Higher Potentials.

If you desire to tap into your Higher Potentials and live a victorious life, then you will require to reset your brain system. It is only in this way will you be able to taste the deliciousness of this life and who you truly are. You can believe what you want. You can do what you want, however, keep in mind that you are here to expand and evolve.

By ingesting sugar you are literally impeding your ability to tap into Higher Source and to have your Higher Faculties come through. It is kind of like having a brand new computer yet you do not have the power chord or battery for it. How can you use the computer without its power supply? How can you be your greatest self and tap into your Higher Potentials if your connection to your Source is severed? Not going to happen!

3) Ingesting sugar makes you moody and depressed. You require to comprehend the physiological effect that sugar has on your body. Ingesting sugar has drug like affects as it numbs your body's ability to produce specific brain neurotransmitters that are responsible for creating moods of joy and happiness.

Be aware that for you to be happy and joyful, you require your brain to produce the high vibe neurotransmitters that produce these states. Happiness, joy or any brain state requires a unique subset of neurotransmitters to be produced. Sugar literally impedes this ability as it causes your brain to shut down production of these biochemicals.

Perhaps now you may begin to see why so many people are depressed and look out of it. Perhaps you now see why you have been depressed and have been unable to reach those higher states of joy and happiness that you have been seeking.

Sugar also amplifies your emotions. This means that your emotional well being may not be healthy. The constant running of high emotions causes your body to produce stress hormones which in turn weakens your whole body system.

This is why so many people are stressed out. Their adrenal glands and hormone system is pumping out way to many stress biochemicals which in turn shuts down the ability to produce the happy hormones and neurotransmitters.

 4) Ingesting sugar makes your body toxic. There are many health implications on why ingesting sugar makes your body a toxic waste dump. Let me clarify the most important reasons.

Ingesting sugar alters your base pH levels of your whole body system. This pH state of your body is supposed to be in a certain range. Each part of your body has its own ideal pH state. Sugar alters these ideal pH states of your body. As such, organ systems will malfunction.

The implication is now you have an environment that is ripe for parasites to come in. You now have an environment for hormones to be shut off. You now have an environment for enzyme systems to be shut down. Essentially, ingesting sugar throws off the homeostatic equilibrium of your whole body system not allowing it to function optimally.

Another fact is that parasites begin to grow anytime you ingest high amounts of sugar. It is kind of like when you are baking and you add yeast to your batter. Then, what do you add to activate the yeast? It's called sugar. Well, this is what happens in your body when you ingest too much sugar. It activates the growth of parasites and yeast to go out of control. As such, you now have a condition ripe for health conditions to arise.

Be aware that parasites are living organisms. They take in food just like you and they expel waste just like you. Well, if you have an abundance of parasites in your system, it contributes to your body becoming toxic since the organisms are dumping their waste in you. This leads to many health implications.

Be aware that body toxicities are one of the main reasons for low level health. Once your body is toxic, these wastes continue to build up as you will not have the proper amounts of nutrients in your system as to clear them out. The parasites will also rob you of vital nutrition leaving your body system bankrupt of reserve nutrients and biofactors to keep you healthy and vibrant.

5) Ingesting sugar scatters your Consciousness. If you truly comprehend what this means then you will take a pause and reconsider what is truly important in your life. Do you really think you require your sugar foods any longer? Is it worth it? Not really!

Ingesting sugar scatters your Consciousness because it does not allow you to be present and grounded. Everything you require to be human in this reality deals with your brain and nervous system. Your brain is the seat of your ability to process this life. Your Consciousness requires your brain to be in ideal form as to be able to ground into this reality.

By ingesting sugar, you set up a condition where your Consciousness can not settle in. Because you brain is firing neurons too fast, your Consciousness can not ground into you and create a homeostatic balance.

It is kind of like when you want to go up an escalator. The belt is moving at an even slow pace. So you normally just step on as you can see where to step. However, what would happen if the belt is moving so fast that you can not see where to step on at? This is what is going on when your brain and nervous system are firing too fast by ingesting sugar. Your Consciousness can not settle into you because your brain system is not ideal for its anchoring.

I have presented to you some core holistic facts about sugar that 99% of people do not know. You ought to consider yourself lucky because you now have wisdom that can catapult you to Higher Grounds. If you really want to go Higher and live a victorious life then this evolutionary perspective I just gave you can assist you with that.

If you have any questions about sugar and your unique situation then feel free to contact me.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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