Why Most Food Can Not Nourish Your Body Properly

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The topic of health is becoming quite the stir these days. People are starting to realize just how important the proper nutrition intake is. There are so many health paradigms out there nowadays. This continues to rise each year with more and more companies and schools of thought jumping on the bandwagon. As good as this may sound that more people are seeking health elevation, there are facts that you are not aware of pertaining to the food supply of this planet.

Let me get to the main point here. There is a fact that you and most of humanity are not aware of. And that is...the modern food supply can not nourish your body properly. In fact, in certain countries the food supply is not food at all. You see, 90% of the modern food supply is now either genetically modified (GMO) or hybridized. Both of which your body can not recognize as nutrition because the molecular structure of these altered foods simply do have the nutrients nor the bio-energy (life fore) in them as a true heirloom food does.

True heirloom food that is from nature contains viable nutrients in them. It also contains bio-energy or Life Force which is the holy grail of human health. These heirloom foods have a molecular structure to them that your body recognizes. It is just like when you go use the key to your home to get in and open the door. So too do these heirloom and wild-crafted foods and compounds contain the holistic keys to unlock specific bio-factors for your body. This in turn activates your enzyme system, your hormone system and directly expands your brain capacity.

GMO and hybridized foods are not only unrecognizable to your body, they can really do a number to your overall health. Why? Because they act as a toxin in your body. They can also alter your DNA structuring due to providing misinformation to your cells. This in turn makes your body toxic and sets you up for many health conditions to arise. These altered foods are depleting to your entire Consciousness, body and spirit complex. Be aware that you are a multi-dimensional being. What affects you on one level automatically affects you on the other levels.

Heirloom Foods Are What You Are Supposed To Intake

Sound holistic nutrition impacts you on your full Consciousness, body and spirit level. Why? Because pure heirloom and wild-crafted foods contain key bio-nutrients in them that are responsible for activating your endocrine system and brain system. They unlock key hormones that then activate specific bio-factors as to expand your pineal gland which is the seat of your spirituality. The pineal gland as has been known by many of the indigenous cultures, is the main powerhouse of Consciousness Expansion. It is the Holy Grail of evolution.

My discovery is that when you provide your body and brain with its base element nutrients, your Consciousness automatically rises and you are more tapped into Source. You have a glow about you. You have a very strong connection to your Intuition and other faculties of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance. You tend to have high energy levels and your overall sense of Beingness is high as well. You feel more grounded and connected to life. You become wise and powerful.

The modern food supply simply does not contain most of the vital nutrients your body and brain require to activate any of this high powered stuff. The modern food supply is basically empty packets of matter that your body has to break down and get rid of because it is toxic. It is either GMO nutrient devoid vegetables or boxed and canned foods which are processed and far removed from nature.

Most Of The Food Supply Is Bio-Energetically DEAD

These foods are bio-energetically dead. Meaning they are devoid of Life Force which enhances your health and supplies it with the core bio-information your body requires. Your body then is able to string together the molecules to produce the thousands of biological compounds. So, not only does your body require viable nutrients but also the Life Force (your body takes in information from the Life Force in vibration form and transforms it to activate and produce biological compounds necessary for health ) that each plant or food contains. In fact, without this Life Force, it is pointless to even consume food as the Life Force is what activates the nutrients in that food in your body.

You set yourself up to become depleted of reserve nutrients due to your body constantly having to digest nutrient devoid food. Most of humanity is significantly depleted at this time of viable reserve nutrients and thus the main reason for the epidemics out there.

It is kind of like when you go to the bank and you deposit a check. Your bank account increases in value, right?

Well, what would happen if every time you go to the bank to deposit a check, your bank account actually decreases in value??? You wouldn't like that very much would you? However, this is what is going on with humanity at this time. They are mainly ingesting nutrient devoid food stuff which does not have the base element nutrients in them nor the Life Force to activate these nutrients. This is depleting and toxic across your full Consciousness, body and spirit complex.

Essentially, most of humanity is bankrupt biologically speaking. All you have to do is look out in society. Look at the people. What do you notice? Do you really see healthy and vibrant people? Are you? This is common sense stuff here I am presenting, yet 99% of humanity has no clue to this Truth.

"Organic Is Not A Solution"

If you think you are good because you are buying "organic", then you are misinformed my friend. You see, "organic" labeling is very misleading. First off just because a product is labeled "organic" does not mean much. Why? Because most of the "organic" food supply is also GMO or hybridized.

All you have to do is look at it. Look at the apples and cucumbers and any of it really. What do you see? I see every apple looking the same, every zucchini looking the same, every tomato looks the same. This is not how nature works. Nature creates foods that are unique in shape and size and color. Also, just taste it. It tastes like cardboard and has no vitality to it. True heirloom and wild-crafted foods look amazing and taste amazing and have beautiful smells.

The next time you go to the grocery store, just take a smell. What will you notice? Nothing!!!!! No smell. You should be smelling a bouquet of amazing aromas of fruits and veggies. Yet, modern grocery stores are carrying GMO and hybridized food stuff, including "organic". This means that those foods have no real nutrients in them which in turn means they will not have any vitality nor smell to them. The smell comes from the the food containing the base element nutrients like calcium in them.

No nutrients means no ability to nourish your body. My friend, the food supply is bankrupt of viable nutrition that you require to not only be healthy, however, for also your evolution. Your body and health is your link expansion and evolution. It is the fulcrum of how you experience this life. It is the core foundation to your spirituality. Yet, most of humanity treats their body like a machine where they just dump anything they like into it. Along with the food supply not containing the base element nutrients and then humanity wonders why there are epidemics???

Your Body Is A Sacred Temple

Your body is a Sacred Temple. It houses your Consciousness and Spirit. Without radiant health you are going nowhere! Without an abundance of Life Force energy, you will not have the power vortex to manifest your dreams. Why? Because it takes Life Force energy to manifest. That Life Force can only come from your healthy body and spirit. Not in doing affirmations and visualizations and meditations. You have been hoodwinked my friend into believing scam philosophies. In doing so, you along with most of humanity are on a dire path.

You can not evolve nor expand if you do not take care of your Body Temple. If you are dumping GMO and toxic food into it, you are in essence not only taking yourself out but you are also weakening your spirit. Without a strong spiritual essence in this life, you are weak and will not be a Force to go create miracles with your life. You will struggle and be blown by the winds of life to who knows where.

You will forgive me for being so direct at times, however, I am one of very few people on this planet who is willing to be honest with you and make you aware of the true position you are in. I am here to not only awaken you to higher levels of Truth but also ruffle your feathers. Why? Because most humans will not truly care about what I am presenting. They will go back to their cozy little lives because they fear change and want to remain in delusion. It is much easier to have false hopes than admit the many predicaments humanity is in. This false hope and delusion is why humanity is on path to extinction.

In ruffling your feathers, maybe...just maybe it will challenge you to begin to take your power back and make the necessary changes in your life so you can go be the person you are meant to be. If you are weak both physically and spiritually then you will not have a major impact on this planet. Look, I am inviting you to a Higher Dimension of living. I am inviting you to a Higher Level of health and wellness. I am inviting you to take a stand for humanity and go be a Force in the world.

We do not have much time to change the course of this Earth Ship. You are reading this right now and you have one shot at leaving a ripple on this playing field. What are you going to do with it? Keep doing what you have been? How has that worked for you so far? Are you going to continue to ingest nutrient devoid foods? Because to do so means you are growing weaker. You require to be strong if you desire to help this planet.

You will not find this information that I am presenting out there anywhere. My point is, if you were truly healthy and vibrant and supplying your body with the base element nutrients and able to activate your brain and pineal gland, then you too would be able to Intuit this wisdom yourself.

What You Can Do:

1) Begin to clear out your refrigerator and cupboards of all processed and boxed foods. Begin to replace these items with healthier ingredients.

2) Look for Heirloom foods at grocery store.

3) Find local farmers market and purchase as many pure foods as possible each week.

4) Begin to grow your own foods. You can grow foods in small wooden bins or pots or start a garden of your own. Be sure to purchase only Heirloom Seeds, not "organic" which are GMO regardless of what the company will tell, unless the seeds they have been passed on through family for decades.

5) Find other people in your area that are growing pure foods and network with them. Purchase their foods and or share what you produce. Create more community with your local area. Ask, research and just do it!

6) Be sure to intake fermented foods like kimchi, saur kraut, and kefir as they contain many life giving nutrients are are alive with healthy bacteria.

7) Take High Vibe Minerals to provide your body and brain with base element nutrients. This stuff is amazing and a powerful way to supply your body with its requirements. Wait til you experience it. This is one of the greatest supplements I have ever used or recommend to my clients.

8) Take a high quality Blue Green Algae supplement as to assist your body in both detoxing it of heavy metals and other toxins and also supplying your body with viable nutrition. Blue Green Algae has Growth Factor in it which is amazing for many health benefits.

9) Be sure to drink only living structured water. Most people drink bottled water. You need to realize that water sitting is bottles in "dead", meaning it has no life force in it. Life force activates every major biological system in your body. It also activates your brain and higher faculties. Drinking bottled water also pollutes your body with pastic residues and clogs your entire detox channels and liver, kidneys and brain not allowing you to fully be supremely healthy or vibrant. It actually disconnects you from Higher Source wisdom coming through. I recommend a water vortexer to restore your water and activate it with life force so your body and brain can actually be fully hydrated.

Be aware that the health epidemics out there are a direct result of dehydration. So is obesity the direct result of people drinking unstructured water and the body storing this toxic water and toxins. The body will not have the proper magnetic charge to water to pull them out. Again, life force is the holy grail of human health. The food and water supply do not have life force and thus you have epidemics.

Be sure to visit my online Quantum Nutrition store to discover other high vibe products to assist you in raising your vibration and Consciousness.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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