Why Humanity Is On The Path To Extinction & What You Can Do About It

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

It is becoming more and more apparent that the current state of the human race is in a dire situation. More and more people are beginning to sense that we are headed down a path of no return. Is there a way out of this rocky path or is humanity doomed to be extinct?

Listen and listen carefully! Yes, it does not look good at the current time for the human race. In fact, I will say that humanity is near the point where everyone will know that there is no saving this sinking ship. However, it is also the ripest hour for us to finally wake up and get our butts out of this stinking mess that we have allowed collectively.

We are all to blame for this mess. You need to be aware that you have more power than you have been led to believe. However, you have used this power along with the majority of humanity to create limitation and other stifling paradigms.

Humanity has been programmed to use its Higher Powers against itself. You have been led astray and deceived into thinking that you are simply a person who gets blown by the winds of life and that you have no control over it. Total B.S.!

Humans have choice and with choice comes power. You have the power of choice every day and you can choose where to focus your energy and where to place your Awareness at. You along with the majority of humanity have given your power of choice over to outside organizations. Thus, you are now subject to the ramifications of giving up that power.

Every day you have choices of where you can spend your money. You can choose to buy products from companies that are unethical and see you simply as dollar bills. Or, you can choose to purchase products and services from people and companies that actually care about and seek to uplift you, what I call Conscious Companies.

Be aware that 95% of the companies on this planet do not really care about you nor seek to uplift you. They see you as mainly a profit number in their books. Yet, most of humanity purchases products and services from such companies. And in doing so have not only given their power up, but they have also reinforced the concept of corruption and are further placing humanity on the path to extinction.

There are numerous examples of how humans give their power of choice up each day and in doing so actually contributes to the demise of the human race.

What are you doing with your power of choice each day? If you are like most people then you simply choose the cheapest choice or a popular brand or what is currently trending.

However, did you ever stop to question the process and the intention behind your purchases? Do you know where the products come from and how they are truly made? Is the company selling you the product you choose ethical or do they just have a profit agenda?

Be aware that the main motive for most companies is to generate profit. That is always the main intention. And in doing so, these companies neglect your well being. They neglect the effects of what they are doing to the planet to make their products. Consumerism Is Leading Humanity Off The Precipice

We are living on a planet where humanity has allowed (by giving up its power of choice) this Sacred Jewel called Mother Earth to be converted into a Big GIGANTIC shopping mall where anything and everything is for sale. You can not walk more than 3 feet without some logo or company splashing their logo and tagline at you. And now with the power of the internet, you can not go more than 3 seconds without some message to sell you something.

Is this the way life is supposed to be, really? To make life hinged upon shopping and buying goods that most people do not need anyway. Are you aware that the whole world economy is based upon consumerism? Are you aware that this mode of living is parasitic to not only the planet but you and the rest of humanity? Are you aware that without nature and Mother Earth and our intuitive link to it, we can not evolve let alone survive?

Yet, billions of people each day use their power of choice to further place themselves and humanity on the path to extinction. Now we have the whole Laws Of Attraction teachings out there programming people to keep consuming, go for your dreams, live big, buy everything you desire. And once again, humans have been hoodwinked by scam philosophies that are designed for one thing and one thing only....TO SELL YOU SOMETHING.

I will go into the erroneous Laws Of Attraction teachings in another post. However, it is time you and the rest of humanity know the Truth of those teachings. They are not of Source and they are not for your Highest Good. Yet, millions of people give up their power to follow such erroneous philosophies.

My friend, you require to stop believing something just because there are many others out there that do or because it is being posed as Truth. As I wrote about in another that 95% of the information out there is either misinformation or pure fabrication designed to program you and sell you something. You can believe that or not...your choice. All you have to do is look at the current state of this planet and there is your proof of what most information out there has done for humanity.

Use Your Higher Spiritual Faculties

I am asking you to use your Higher Powers of Intuition and Clairaudience to process this life and to make choices based on the benefit to all. I am asking you to pause and begin to question everything even if it sounds so true. I am asking you to even question what I am saying.

What I have discovered is that Truth can only be found in one place and that is in your Heart within yourself. You will not find Truth on the internet or in society. You will not find it with the latest guru or famous person teaching you the scam Laws of Attraction. You will only find it in yourself.

Begin to use your power of choice to make conscious purchases, to make conscious decisions for your life and to create a life that is authentic. Perhaps if you let go of the pressures of wanting to follow the fads and the guru teachings and instead seek within for an authentic expression of yourself. Seek within, feel with your intuition and other Spiritual Senses and you will begin to see a whole new world open up to you.

Take your power back. Make more conscious choices each day and do your best to not allow peer pressure and the latest fads on the internet fool you into giving up your power. You my friend, are different. You are here on this planet for one thing. You are here to help humanity out of this stinkin mess. You are here to bring in a new dawn of delicious possibilities for humanity. You are here to be a model of the new human for the new Earth.

Your choices have power and consequences. As has been revealed to all humans by now, they have used their powers of choice to create a life that is toxic and stifling to the expansion of Consciousness and to your evolution. Humanity has not only allowed this Mother Earth to be converted into a shopping mall, however, it is now becoming a prison. And now, many people are beginning to sense this Truth. Wake Up From The Prison

Life has become a prison for most people. It is so because they have to go out each day and give up their Life Force energy just to survive. They have to work jobs to pay for the exuberant fees of basic living on this planet. They have to keep working and suffering just to feel a sense of some worth for their lives. Life for most people has become a set of superficial activities with no substance. It is all about having to earn money just to pay for expenses. What a crazy concept and what a crazy planet this has become.

Wake up and do it now before humanity falls off the edge of the cliff. We do not have much time to change the path of this Earth Ship. We are about to head off the BIG precipice. My question to you is, what are you going to do about it? Because fact is, the majority of humanity will not do anything about it other than contribute to the further demise of the human race by keep giving up their power of choice each day.

They will also out of fear want to keep the status quo so thus they will continue to follow the herd of humanity which is to keep consuming unconsciously at the detriment of everyone. They also do not know that there are more conscious ways of living. They do not have any models in the world to emulate a new way. That is where you come in. You are here to be that model.

Yes, I know that may sound scary to you, however, some of us are here just for that reason. We are here to lead humanity out of this toxic pit and into a new dimension of living and expressing as Sacred Beings. We are here to lead people home. We are here to be the Light that many require to find their way.

So, congratulations on being one of these brave and mighty beings. A part of you may not desire to put yourself out there. And you may fear stepping out into the unknown. However, it is why you are here and is the greatest gift you can give to humanity.

You Are Here To Be A Model Of The New Human

Take the leap my friend. The sooner you do, the sooner you will find your life more delicious. You will discover more of your Truth and you will see the changes in yourself and others around you. You will affect everyone you come into contact because now they have a model of something new, something more inspiring.

Dig a little deeper within yourself. Allow your authentic self out. Reveal more of it to the world. After all, you will not have another opportunity to shine in your full brilliance if humanity goes lights out in the coming years. Let your Light shine and let your Higher Gifts come through. My friend, you are a conduit in which Consciousness will uplift all life on this planet. Be that shining brilliant Light in the world that has gone asleep and unconscious.

Make people uncomfortable with your brilliance. Make them take notice of you. Ruffle people's feathers. Call them out on their ignorant philosophies which is just programming. Model to them a new way of living and expressing. We are running out of time so let go of your doubts and fears, make this your life mission.

Make your life's mission about going out in the world fearlessly expressing and modeling a new way of being. Do it in your full glory. Humanity is on the brink extinction. We are in final hours of this little Earth Light Show. How we show up in the next few years and how many people we impact will determine if we head off the cliff or if we open new delicious possibilities for all of humanity.

Join us on our quest to uplift Consciousness and to create new possibilities for ourselves and the Earth. It is here waiting for us to explore, to uplift and to leap into dimensions unknown. We can do this my friend. We did not come here to go out like this, to have it end like this. We came to sprout new seeds of Consciousness as to uplift all life on this Sacred Jewel of a planet.

So, begin to use your Consciousness and your power of choice to create a new life for yourself. Use your vibration to impact everyone you come in contact with. Allow your vibration to awaken the sleeping ones and to inspire others on a path of expansion.

We are in the culmination of this light show for humanity. Shine as brilliant as a million suns.

We have an opportunity to leave a legacy for this planet. Your legacy is to ripple out vibrations that impact people for many years to come.

 To Your Most Victorious Life,

ZERIAN - The Health Alchemist

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