Why 95% Of The Information In Society Is Not Ideal For Your Evolution Or Expansion

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Every part of the world and every race of this planet uses a similar approach to gaining information...and that is always seeking information from outside sources. This approach of gathering information and knowledge has been used for thousands of years on this planet. If I may be so bluntly honest with you and the rest of humanity...this is one of the main reasons why humanity is on the brink of extinction.

Why do humans always seek outside of themselves to access information? Why do humans give up their power so easy? Why do most humans never question the information they obtain from the source they got it from? It is because they have been programmed to do so.

Well, this mode of gaining information from outsides sources is actually an impediment to your evolution and to humanity as a whole. A fact you may not be aware of is most of the information on this planet at this point in time is impure, altered and a hodge podge of theories that have no substance. Meaning these philosophies and theories do not validate themselves with substantial proof that they are true.

We have more information available now than ever before on this planet, yet we have the most amount of chaos, disharmony and health epidemics than ever before. We have the most amount of so called experts, coaches and other professionals who are masters at their topic. Yet, every single area of life on this planet is experiencing disharmony and chaos.

There are more relationship experts than ever before, yet, there are the most amount of couples splitting and divorcing than ever before. We have the most amount of health experts than ever before, yet, we have epidemics and the most amount of overweight and unhealthy people than ever before. My point is, where is the proof that what these people and paradigms are teaching is actually valid and helpful to people If you have the eyes to see and Consciousness to sense and feel, you will begin to uncover that most of what is being taught out there DOES NOT validate itself with results that you can see, taste, touch and experience. There is so much information out there that sounds so juicy and so right. If you simply observe and allow life to reveal the Truth to you, is that most of this information is not of Truth. Meaning it does not get results for most people and in most cases does the exact opposite of what it is claiming. For example, it has been taught for many decades now that if you want to become slimmer and shed weight off your body, you need to limit your fat and calories and burn more calories than you consume. Now, this may sound logical and correct on the surface level, however, this teaching has proven the world over that it DOES NOT help most people to be slim and healthy. Hundreds of millions of people have used this approach to weight loss and yet we now have the most amount of overweight people than ever before.

Ding Dong, time for a wake up call. Just because something is being taught out there as Truth, does not mean that it is. My philosophy is If Something Is True, Then It Should Validate Itself With Results You Can Measure and Experience. Just like a boat floats when you put it into water. Humanity Has Been Programmed

The reality is humanity has been programmed to simply believe everything it gathers of information without questioning it. You my friend, have been misinformed over and over again. You have given your power over to outside sources of information without ever running it through your common sense and intuition. These two faculties are all you ever need to determine if something is True or not. Yet, most people run everything through their intellect and as such become easily hoodwinked into accepting theories and expert's opinions as fact.

Look out there, what do you see? Do you really see most humans living a victorious life? Do you see people radiantly healthy? Do you see most couples being affectionate, happy and creating harmony in their relationship? Are you?

Perhaps it is time for a new process for gathering information. Perhaps, instead of always seeking outside for information, you begin to go inside. You begin to run everything you hear through your intuition and common sense. You begin to tap into the Universal Source field instead of outside sources that are always attempting to sell you something, scam you and misinform you.

We need to elevate our Consciousness as a whole humanity and be more confident of our spiritual faculties of intuition and clairaudience. Humanity needs to stop giving its power over to outside sources of information and always question anything that does come from outside sources.

The predicaments of humanity are here because humans have given their power over. They have allowed others to supply them with information and program them to believe many things that are NOT true. I have to inform you that humanity is NOT evolving at this time regardless of what you have been led to believe. Yes, Awareness is growing, however, there is still no true evolution happening because humans have given their power over and keep repeating their patterns of not using their latent spiritual powers of intuition to live by.

95% Of The Information In Society Is Not Ideal For Your Expansion

The internet is further speeding up the demise of the human race because it is a grand source of misinformation, deceit and scams, all designed to keep you from accessing Truth. Truth can only be accessed through your own intuition and heart. It is the only place of Truth you will ever find. The internet is a hodge podge of people's opinions and theories and nothing more. What you may think is of Truth usually is not. You can believe what I saying or not.

Truth validates itself with results and experiences that change your life. It betters you in some way compared to where you were before. Do you really think that humanity is getting better in any area of life right now? The fact is, humanity is getting worse in all topics across the board on a mass scale.

Yes, there are some people that are conscious, they are expanding and doing great things in life. However, the majority of humanity keeps replaying the same patterns and habits and thus is really not going anywhere. Just because people do yoga or meditate and sing mantras does not mean they are expanding and evolving. Evolution has nothing to do with practices you do on a daily basis.

True evolution has to do with how much harmony and peace you are creating with yourself and how much harmony you are creating with others and the planet. Evolution is digging deeper within yourself and allowing more of your True Self out to reveal to the world. It is about transcending your limiting paradigms and living in your full presence.

True Evolution is the realization that you do not need anything (to do any personal development or spiritual practice) to make you better or go higher. You realize that you already have what you seek and come to the point of just Being. Most people are constantly seeking for the next spiritual practice or secret meditation of how to evolve and expand and become enlightened. Well, what if by doing any practices at all you are actually putting yourself into another box that limits your True Essence and your ability to expand and evolve?

Being & Presence Are The Magic Elixirs of Life

What if by doing any personal development on yourself, you are actually giving up your power and pulling yourself more off course to evolve? What if you do not require to do anything to go higher, to expand and to evolve. What if the secret to expansion and enlightenment is to learn how to just BE? To be present, to be in your body, to be fully here with your Consciousness and Essence.

What if the Present moment and being fully 100% in your body fully Aware is the holy grail you have been seeking. What if in this present moment and being fully grounded in your heart, you have a vortex of Higher Possibilities ready to be tapped into? What if this vortex has been there since the day you were born. You have been so distracted and programmed into roles and identity that you have missed tapping into an infinite Source of delicious manifestations.

Do you now see what I am saying? It is kind of like having a diamond and this brilliant gem somehow got lost in the sea of distractions and illusions on this planet. This brilliant gem has gotten mucked over with dirt and energetic imprints and other people's projections that the diamond has forgotten how brilliant it first was. This diamond now believes it is something else that is nowhere near the brilliant gem it Truly is.

You Are Already What You Seek

You my friend are a brilliant gem. You have been since the day you were born. You have been imprinted energetically, you have been projected onto by your parents, and you have been given a false sense of self compared to who you truly are.

All these years you have been attempting to add to yourself, to make yourself better, to go Higher. You have done personal development, gone to seminars, read hundreds of books and yet you still struggle with your life. You still are not living the life you consciously intend. What if all this time you have been attempting to expand and better your life, you have been doing the opposite? What if by trying to become better, you are further distancing yourself from your heart vortex and the Source of your most victorious life?

May I recommend that for just 3 days, you let go of everything you have ever believed in, from doing any spiritual practices and from any activity that you do thinking it will make you become better. Do this experiment and see what happens. My life started to change the day I let every paradigm go and stopped the need to require to do anything to be better or go higher.

Talk about paradoxical. Here I was attempting to expand for years, spent thousands of dollars on bettering myself and performed many practices all in the attempt to create better and have a more enriching life. Yet, my life was not at all what I was consciously attempting to create. I arrived at a point where I had had enough of putting out so much energy to create a better life. I finally gave it all up. And...that is when miracles started showing up in my life.

I felt more at peace with myself where before I always felt insecure when in public. I felt more confident and valued myself for just being me. I felt so much more energy because now I was not wasting it on pointless spiritual practices. More of my True Self started to come to the surface and I felt more aligned to my power vortex. I started to appreciate my full being and my life. After all, I am diamond too!!!!!!!!!

Paradigms Keeps You Boxed In

What I have learned on my journey is that this life is a sea of paradigms. Each paradigm is a box that will keep you from accessing Truth. If you are into any paradigm you are cutting off your access to Source. You have in essence boxed yourself in. Life is about expansion and constant renewal and experience. You are here to experience and then contribute your gifts to the world.

If you are so into a paradigm, you are in essence not expanding since you are attempting to stay constant, to keep things status quo. You are not here to do that because it goes against your evolution. To evolve you need to flow like a river and that means to always be open to new and expanding experiences. To be into any paradigm is like trying to stop the flow of the river like a dam.

What you get is called stagnation. This is where humanity is at. There is no mystery why humanity is on the verge of extinction. Humanity continues to try to box in life with paradigms and philosophies that are not ideal for its expansion. Humanity has created a sea of boxes, most of which cut off your flow to Source and Truth.

My message to you is stop believing everything you read or see on the internet or in public. Start to question everything even if it sounds to true. Begin to run everything through your intuition and your heart. Feel! And then feel some more. Then ask your Inner Source if what you are being presented with is True or not. You will be amazed at how much information in society is not of Truth nor for your Highest Good.

My friend, wake up to your full brilliance. You have been a radiant gem since the day you were born. However, you took on roles and projections from your parents to fit into this life and to feel loved. You chose to believe what society says is true. You now can let them all go and access your True Self. You have full permission to let everything go that is not you. It is time for you to serve your mission for being here.

Now go out there and shine in your full brilliance. This planet requires your high vibration.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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