What You Do Not Know About Your Life Purpose

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most people tend to believe that their life purpose entails mainly their career or occupation or how they serve others. This philosophy has been the main theme for most schools of thought now for many years. You yourself may even think that your life purpose deals with mainly your career or occupation, correct?

Well, I am here to give you a whole new perspective on what your life purpose truly is. I will begin by saying that your career or occupation is the least significant aspect of your life purpose. In fact, you are about to discover a whole dimension to your life purpose that you have missed.

Your true life purpose actually entails your entire life. It is rooted in the way you carry yourself and how you hold your energy as you walk this game of life. You see, how you are carrying your energy has the greatest impact on not only your life but also others as well.

What you may not know is that you impact everyone you come in contact with or pass by. Your vibration is impacting every person, every animal and every part of nature on a deep spiritual level. You are constantly blipping out a frequency that affects others in your field, whether a person, place or animal.

So, my point is that the greatest aspect to your life purpose is how you carry energy and how many people you are impacting with your vibe. It is the greatest gift you can give humanity. No words are required for you to impact people and be a catalyst in the expansion of others. It is actually the easiest and most powerful way to help shifts others.

In essence, your life purpose is to be conscious of how you are walking in life and to use your vibration as to uplift others to higher dimensions. You are here to be a model for others of a conscious and grounded being who is rooted in love and Light. You are here to make ripples with your frequency as to catapult humanity to more expansive ways of living and expressing.

Your life purpose is to show up in your full glory and make people take notice of you, to feel something is different about you. You are here to help shift the status quo because fact is, most humans choose to create comfort and repetitive habits of living. They fear change at the core level of their being. These people thus continue to create the same menial lives that have no true purpose others than go through the motions.

You my friend, are here to shine in your full glory and stand out in your brilliant radiance. You are to make people take notice of you when you walk by. You are to cause people to begin to question their lives and their beliefs. You are here to ruffle people's feathers. You are here to show people a new way of living and expressing. You are here to catalyze humanity to a whole new dimension of delicious living.

You Are Your Life Purpose

Thus, your life purpose is much bigger than what you do for a career or occupation. It is much bigger than what your dreams are. It is much bigger than anything you can conjure up with your mind. Your true life purpose is who you are. It entails everything you do, every person you meet and every creation you manifest. It is your that is your life purpose.

You are using your life and your creations as to be the catalyst for other's awakening. Every second of every day you are living your life purpose. Every moment is precious and sacred. However, this life has lost Sacredness because humans have lost touch with their True Selves. They have lost touch with Spirit. As such, life has become simply a set of superficial activities for most people.

You are here to rekindle humanity's inner spark, inner spirit. You are here to serve as a model of higher living. You are here to reveal new ways of creation, new ways of expressing and new ways of living. You my friend, are the new human for this planet. It is time for you to arise and reveal your brilliance.

From now on, consider your life purpose a mission of monumental proportions. Consider your life purpose vital in the expansion of Consciousness for the greater good of all. Consider yourself an Ambassador for the evolution of the human species.

The next time you are thinking of your life purpose, remember that you are your life purpose. You are a living, breathing, expressing being of purpose. If you hear someone talking about how they wonder what their life purpose is, tell them the Truth. They will certainly be glad you did.

To Your Most Victorious Life,



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