The Silent Plague That Sabotages Humanity

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

There is a big impediment to humanity's evolution that a majority of humanity has no awareness. It goes unnoticed often times yet if you have the eyes and Consciousness to sense, you will see it clearly in almost every person and in every part of the planet. This subtle yet unconscious factor is the main reason why humanity has not evolved in quite a long time nor is evolving at this time.

What is it you say? It is a plague that has hampered humanity's expansion and evolution now for thousands of years. It is the main hindrance for most people and keeps most from ever tapping into their Higher Potentials.

This plague has been silently sabotaging humans for thousands of years. This plague lurks in the unconscious and creates so much disharmony for people. It is called A Lack of Self Love & Self Honor.

Most people really do not love nor honor themselves deep down inside. Self honor has to do with how much you value yourself at the core level of your being. All you have to do is look and observe humanity and the truth becomes quite apparent.

The truth that I am speaking of has to do with all of the ways humans sabotage and stifle themselves with habits and addictions that keep them small, that keep them from ever expanding into their Higher Potentials. Addictions and habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs and other unhealthy habits that create lack and limitation in their life.

The truth of the matter is that 90% of humans are doing these habits because of the lack of self love and self honor. If these people truly loved and honored themselves deep down inside, they obviously would not do things that lowered their Consciousness or vibration.

By the way, smoking, drinking alcohol and doing drugs lowers your vibration profoundly. These addictions and habits literally scatter your Consciousness and numb your true feelings deep inside. This is why 90% of humans do these habits. They are attempting to numb all the insecurities and pain they are holding onto. Most people will not admit that they are doing these things to numb themselves.

My question is...why would anyone do anything that lowers their vibration and scatters their Consciousness? Why would anyone drink alcohol that pollutes their body and lowers their energy levels? Why would anyone do drugs that alters their Consciousness and creates disharmony in their life? Why would anyone do any of these activities that impedes their ability to create a victorious life?

They do these things because they do not honor themselves nor their body. They do these things because they do not love themselves for who they truly are. They do these things to escape reality and to numb their pain. They do these things because the are slowly taking themselves out because they have given up on life.

Little do these people know that they have Higher Potentials just waiting to be tapped into. Little do they know that they can create a victorious life. Little do they know that the pain they feel is something that can be destroyed and cleared from their field.

The time is hand for humanity. We are near the extinction point. As long as most humans are into their addictions and unhealthy habits, humanity as a whole is going nowhere other than lights out. As long as the majority of humanity does not value themselves or honor themselves as sacred beings, this world is never going to experience the deliciousness that is waiting to be savored.

I am calling you out humanity in the loudest roar possible. Wake up! We are headed toward the edge of the cliff. We are near the Point Of No Return.

Why do you not value yourself? Why do you not love yourself? Why do you pollute your sacred body with toxic compounds? Why do you alter and scatter your Consciousness with numbing chemicals? Why do you sabotage yourself in every way possible? Why do you not see your Awesomeness???

You suffer because at some point in your life chose to believe someone else's projection of you. You accepted someone else's role that they wanted you play so they could feel safe and in control of you. You gave your power over one day as to fit into this life with your parents so you could feel loved and worthy.

You gave up your Life Force and the real you the day you chose to hide behind your roles and masks as to fit in and feel like somebody. You can now choose to take your power back and reclaim your authentic true self. You can clear your field of all the projections and roles and energies that are not you. You can awaken the Awesome Being that you truly are.

Wake up and do it now because we will not have another opportunity to right this ship gone off path. We have just a minimal amount of time to correct our course before the reality that we are heading off the cliff becomes a conscious truth for all of humanity.

Please stop numbing yourself to escape your pain. Please stop polluting your Sacred body. Please stop altering your Consciousness with compounds that scatter it. Please stop running away from your gifts and talents. Please, please, please begin to forgive yourself and start loving and honoring yourself. You are a valuable being. You have something to contribute here on this planet.

You are a jewel, a diamond waiting to be cleaned of all the dirt and grime that you have been mucked over with. You have been a jewel the second you incarnated into this reality. However, you became discombobulated because you had so many energies and projections thrown at you that you forgot who you truly are.

Consider this your wake up call. Consider this the point at which you become ignited and remember your Sacred Being for who you truly are. My friend, let everything go, let every projection go, every mask and every addiction. You no longer need them. You have a major task to do. And that is the help restore this planet and humanity back to Sacredness and Truth.

Your vibration is required at this time. Your energy is required in the restoring of human Consciousness and this sacred jewel of a planet. Now, get yourself cleaned up and begin to chip in your part. Release all of your addictions and habits that are pulling your vibration down and scattering your Consciousness.

Join us on our quest to awaken humanity and set the foundation for a Higher Reality for all life on this planet. We have the ideal motivation at this point because anything other than choosing to go Higher means extinction. We are in the final hour of this Earth story in either a quantum leap in Consciousness Expansion or the ending of our race.

Please consciously choose a Higher Reality for all of life on this planet. You will be certainly glad you did. And so will the rest of humanity when they have awakened.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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