The Goddess Force: What Men Truly Desire From Women

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

There is an unconscious attraction game being played between men and women. If you use a Higher Consciousness and feel, you will become aware of this attraction game. Man and woman, masculine and feminine, a profound magnetism between two polarities of Consciousness.

This magnetic attraction and merging of polarities can be quite intoxicating. In fact, it is one of the greatest experiences of life. It can bring so much happiness and joy into your life. However, it can also bring so much pain and regret into your life. Most people and most couples create disharmony in their relationships. There are many reasons why.

Mainly, is that men and women both desire different things in life. Men and women think differently and they process life differently. It is like man and woman are unique species unto themselves. This uniqueness at times can be the cause of so much misunderstanding and miscommunication. Many times it can be the cause of so much disharmony and pain.

So, in this post I shall focus mainly on what I believe most men desire from a woman. I will create a new post for what I believe women truly desire from men.

At the fundamental level of his being, a man is a powerful force. He is unique, he is motivated to achieve great things in life. A man seeks to tap into his greater potentials and be the best he can. However, this modern era of technology and the sea of information has caused most men to be confused as to what his true purpose is.

Most men have lost touch with their inner Man Force. As such, most men have conformed and are playing roles and involved in careers that do not make their heart sing. Men have lost that powerful feeling deep inside of their being called Man Force. Most men have lost their motivation to go out and do great things in life.

The time is now for men to ground into their being and discover who they truly are. This planet requires men to be in their Man Force center. It is only in this way can men uplift this world for the better.

In the aspect of what a man truly desires from a woman, I feel that there are some basic attributes that he feels deep down inside. For one, a man desires a woman who is soft and feminine. He craves that flowing nature of a true woman. He seeks to merge with this soft feminine polarity as it is the only way he can fully feel his Man Force.

Man's energy is a bit more intense than a women. So, as to create a magnetic attraction, deep down inside he seeks the other polarity or what I call The Goddess Force. This is the Holy Grail that most men seek in women. They desire this Goddess Force because it is the greatest energy they can merge to. This Goddess Force is the catalyst he requires to feel his true manhood. This Force is his greatest treasure to be found.

When a man finds this Goddess Force, look out because he will have a whole new level of inspiration to go out in life and rock it. A man that merges with a true Goddess is man who will move mountains. He will manifest delicious creations of the Highest Kind. This man becomes a model for the world, he becomes a driving force for humanity. This man raises the Consciousness of everyone he comes in contact with.

A man connected with Goddess energy is a powerful conduit of change and evolution. He will achieve more than he could ever dream of. This breed of man is rare on this planet. He is rare because this world has lost touch with Sacred Truth. It has lost touch with Spirit. This world has become a series of superficial activities that has no substance.

Most people have lost that exuberant feeling of wanting to rock their lives. Most people are simply floating and go with the current of life. As such, most people are depressed and feel lost.

If you are a man, I think you are aware that there are changes going on this planet. In fact, there are monumental shifts occurring. I know you can feel them. As such, there are also changes going on with how men and women connect and are attracted to each other.

The Conscious Man will no longer settle with being with just any woman. He is seeking a higher form of a woman. He is seeking that super Conscious Woman. Women are also seeking Conscious Men. This shift in sex attraction is causing some turbulence in many relationships. This is because the attraction force has also changed. Men and women are starting to attract each other via deeper frequencies of spiritual kinds.

The crumbling couple paradigm was based mainly on need and superficial modes of sex attraction. This was more of an unconscious attraction based on insecurities and fears. The new dimension of attraction between man and woman is based on a deep spiritual force of co-creation. Man and woman are coming together in order to serve humanity, to help them out of the limiting paradigms they have been living for so long.

Thus, a man truly desires a woman that is going to be his inspiration and motivation force. He desires to merge with this Goddess as to co-create a delicious life along with serving humanity. A true man desires a woman who knows who she is, who is grounded in her heart. A true man desires a woman who is gentle, kind, loving. He desires an honest and genuine woman.

A true man desires a woman who looks up to him as a mighty being. She honors him, respects him and consciously seeks to serve him without any selfish agendas. She is his inspiration and is why he gets up in the morning to trek his path. She ignites his heart on fire. She speaks her Truth to him in all situations. She is courageous and brave. She takes risks. She is adventurous. She draws out his masculinity with her sensual body movements and her smile.

This Goddess is the energy he has been seeking his whole life. She is the one that lights his heart on fire. She is the one that makes every atom of his being expand with delicious ecstasy. This is the most essential energy for his unfolding of a True Man. This is the nectar that creates miracles in his life.

A True Man requires this Goddess Force to assist him on his evolutionary journey. A man merged with a Goddess is a man on a mission. In the unfoldment of a True Man, he becomes a Light for the world that has become lost. He helps others to find their way home.

If you are man reading this right now, you my friend are here to be this Man and this Light for the world. Wake up! Your energy and your Consciousness is required at this time. You are here to be a model for other men to awaken to their Man Force.

As more men arise and discover who they truly are, this world will be filled with an abundance of legacies. Your legacy is to create ripples that shall span time and space to impact many people's lives. You are a conduit through which Consciousness will help awaken the human race, a race that has gone asleep, a race that has been programmed to play small and create petty paradigms of limitation. You are the Force humanity requires to awaken to their grandness.

If you require any guidance or assistance in your life, do reach out. As a man it can be scary in this high paced world at times, yet, most men out of pride will not ask for help. My friend, it is ok to ask for help and to seek guidance.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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