The 3 Essential Keys To Unleash Your Legacy

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

There are some important factors for you to consider if you are a changemaker wanting to make a difference in the world. You can no longer simply have a message to share and expect to stand out among the sea of information out there. Things are changing and people are no longer interested in superficial information that has no substance.

If you are desiring to truly get your message out there then you are going to require a few essential ingredients. These core essential ingredients will ensure you get noticed and if you are really good then you may even thrive.

Millions of people are wanting to share their message at this time and this is only increasing as time goes on. So, what can you do to stand out and get noticed.

The 3 Essential Keys To Get Noticed So You Can Unleash Your Legacy

1) The first thing you can do is create radiant health. Have a body that looks fit and healthy and where you glow. Most people I see that want to get out there and serve their mission is that they are very unhealthy looking. Listen, people do make judgements on how you look. If you show up overweight and out of shape and with a low vibe, how can you expect to be a magnetic force? How do you think you will create a legacy if you do not have the life force energy to get your mission done?

Make your body and health your main priority. You ought to be investing in learning how to care for your Sacred Temple. Most of the information in society will not help you with creating radiant health. The fact is most people are simply unhealthy, overweight and out of shape.

When you are fit, healthy and radiant, now you can go out and share your message and it will carry a higher resonance with people. You create a POP in energy that everyone feels and is attracted to. You need life force energy to create and manifest your life dreams. Too many changemakers and visionaries show up out of shape and with low vibe. How do you feel this helps you to unleash your legacy?

You need to POP whether you are on stage or producing videos or even in photos. You need to look healthy and radiant. Your photos and videos should POP with energy and vitality. That is what people are looking for more than anything these days. By making yourself POP, you will attract greater opportunities easier and have more fun sharing your message. You also serve to be a model for other people to emulate.

2) Make sure your message is captivating. Too many speakers and entrepreneurs have a bland message to share. It is too superficial and not engaging. Your message should POP with energy and intrigue. Your message needs to come from you soul. Most people who share their message are too in their mind and intellect. They are thinking about what to say instead of allowing and letting their soul to flow the message.

A message from your soul resonates much higher and has a bigger pulling in effect on people. It catalyzes people in your audience. It moves people to take action. It inspires your audience and creates ripples that continues long after you share your message.

Your soul message is why you are here. It is the main reason you do what you do. You require to nurture your soul message and allow it to uplift you and your audience and followers. With soul resonance you can move mountains. will be on path to creating a legacy.

Begin to practice letting your soul message to simply flow through you. Do not think about what you are going to say. Just open yourself up to the soul message wanting to come through you. You will given be the proper words at the right time. Just watch your posture. Carry a confidence with you that your message will come through at the proper time.

3) Make sure to clear your entire body, consciousness and bio-field of all energetic distortions and imprints. Fact is most people are carrying many energetic imprints from their childhood and from their ancestors. These energetic distortions create dissonance in your field and blip out to the Universe. Just because you have great thoughts and great intentions does not mean this automatically translates into great outcomes in your life.

In fact, millions of people have attempted to employ Laws of Attraction and have not succeeded in manifesting their life dreams nor anywhere near that. This is because most people are carrying around energetic distortions in their fascia, in their bio-field (aura) and in their brains stored as neural imprints. Laws of Attraction are not very effective at clearing these levels as has been proven by millions of people.

You need to use higher dimensional processes as to expunge these energetic distortions across your multi-dimensional being. As you begin to clear these distortions you then notice how your life and outcomes are different. Most personal development processes fall very short in overcoming and clearing these energies from your entire being. Thus the main reason why 90% of people who have done or do any LOA and similar type processes don't really experience much change in their lives.

You require to take a leap in consciousness and use higher dimensional tools as to get to the core level of these distorted energies. This is by far one of the greatest things you can do to help yourself to go higher, to ignite your brilliance and unleash your legacy.

I have written a book called The Illumination Codes that has numerous multi-dimensional processes that help you to clear the distorted energies from your multi-dimensional self. I have received great feedback on the results of the principles I teach in there. GO HERE TO BUY IT.

Listen, before you go out and share your message, be sure to do this inner alchemy of clearing these energetic imprints from your body, consciousness and bio-field. It will help your soul to flow your message to you better and your words will carry a higher resonance since there will no be no static in the background that people may feel. Use these principles I just shared with you and let me know how it goes. I am here to support you on your mission to unleash your legacy.

To Your Most Victorious Life,

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