How Your Nutrition Impacts Your Consciousness

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most people are unaware that your nutrition directly affects your Consciousness and your ability to access your highest potentials. Your nutrition is the foundation to how balanced you are and how high you can evolve. Your body and DNA and Consciousness are all linked.

The quality of your nutrition intake either uplifts your Consciousness and Superhero powers or it pulls you down. The problem is most people are very misinformed these days about how best to nourish your body so you can access higher states of consciousness and be radiantly healthy.

Most people think they can pop some supplements and eat "organic" food and they ate covered. Really? There are 3 Kryptonites that deactivate your Superhero powers that 95% of humanity has no awareness about. These 3 Kryptonites sabotage most people from ever being the Superhero they came to be and make their greatest impact.

The 3 Kryptonites That 95% of Humanity Has No Clue About

1) The modern food supply is devoid of base element nutrients. Farm raised vegetables lack the bionutrients your body and brain require to thrive. The modern food supply is also altered from it true heirloom and wildcrafted state meaning that food item is not recognizable to your cells.

2) The water supply lacks the life force your body and brain require to fully hydrate you and provide the ideal hydrostatic balance. Without life force, water becomes a solvent and can deplete your body. Also, without the proper life force and magnetic charge to water, it can not pull toxins out of your body. Look out there, there you have a totally dehydrated society that is super toxic because they are drinking water that is bio-energetically dead and contains plastic residues in it.

Water without life force is like your cell phone without a ability to do anything because it has no juice to run things. So too does water without life force have no ability to fully hydrate nor detox your body properly. The rising epidemics are mainly due to the water people are drinking.

3) The chaotic electromagnetic frequencies in our environment. These disharmonic energies are creating many health issues with people not knowing it. I am talking about your cell phone, computer and wifi are pumping out scattered energies that create incoherence in your bio-fild or what some call "aura". These scattered energies are disrupting your cellular processes and even your mental and emotional well being.

You are supposed to be in a coherent energy environment as to provide the ideal level of balance for your body and brain. Chaotic EMF'S scatter your Consciousness and disrupt your DNA and cellular functioning. Most people are not doing well these days because these disharmonic energies are creating a toxic energy soup not allowing you to feel like you.

As you can see these 3 Kryptonites are the core reason why most people suffer and struggle in life and are not even anywhere near radiant health. These toxic and altered constituents are pulling people's vibration down and not allowing them to unleash their Superheroes.

It's time for a human nutrition upgrade. Nutrition infused with LIGHT is the next quantum leap in human potential because it is creating a vortex of higher possibilities for humans. It activates your DNA, pineal gland and higher faculties because you are nourishing yourself multi-dimensionally.

Nutrition infused with LIGHT is feeding your Consciousness, Body and Soul with Life Force, Light, Sound Frequencies and Even Aetheric Energies that quantum leap your expansion and allow you to fully tap into your Superhero powers.

Listen my Superhero friend, if you truly desire to access your highest potentials and unleash your Superhero then you are going to require to learn how to nourish and feed your full being with higher forms of nutrition. Nutrition infused with LIGHT is the access key to your highest and most victorious life.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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