How To Clear Your Auric Field of Chords, Energetic Imprints & Other People's Emotions

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The fact is most of humanity is walking around with foreign energies in their auric field without them even knowing about it. These energies can and do impact your life in negative ways. In fact, most people experience lack and limitation due to the presence of such energies. This in turn contributes to unnecessary suffering for millions of people worldwide.

This wisdom of the auric field and foreign energies intruding it has been lost now for thousands of years.

In case you do not know is that you are supposed to have a clear auric field if you truly desire to create a life that flows and feels good. Your aura or as some call it your bio-field is directly responsible for assisting you to manifest and create in your life.

With a distorted or unclear auric field (bio-field) you may experience repeating patterns, lack and limitation and even health challenges. You may also not feel well emotionally. You will tend to feel other people's emotions and other forms of energies. Some people call this empathy. Well, call it what you like, however, a distorted auric field leads you to experience much suffering in your life.

This is the main reason why more than 90% of people who attempt to make the Laws Of Attraction work, simply do not experience much change in their life. It is these energetic chords, foreign energies and distortions in your field that are the True source of lack and limitations. They impede your ability to vibrate at a high level.

It is kind of like having your computer stripped of Gigabyte power and not allowing your device to express its full potential. With lowered Gigabyte power and processing speed, your computer is slower and can not process high bits of information. Well, this is what happens when other people's energies and thought forms are in your auric field, when there are energetic chords in your field, when there are other people's emotions in your field.

You simply won't be able to tap into your Higher Potentials. You won't be able to access your Higher Faculties. You won't be able to express your True Self. You won't be able to hold a high vibration. You won't be able to manifest and attract your heart's desires easily and naturally the way you are intended to.

So, how is this possible you say? Well, you are mainly an energy being. You are mainly made up of Light photons and other Light energies. What you are missing is that there are many things going on in the unseen. In fact, there is way more going on in the unseen than what you can see with your eyes.

You Are Made Of Light & Consciousness

You are a conglomeration of Light and Consciousness. In this earthly domain, there are many things that can muck up your aura and bioenergy (Light) field. These things slow and dampen your Light. They make your life challenging because they are not allowing your Light Field to cast out to the Universe and attract your heart's desires. It is kind of like putting a towel over a light bulb.

Also, you are carrying energies from your Mother and Father and whole ancestral family lineages of both parents. These energies get transferred to you via your DNA and the holographic collective of your parents. It is all energetic information and gets passed on through your energetic ties to your Mother and Father.

The second you incarnate into form here in the physical via your Mother's womb, you instantly become imprinted with her emotions, thought forms and even health limitations. You may be carrying your Mother's emotions to this day. You may be carrying your great grandfather's anger. You may also be carrying belief systems from your ancestors that are very limiting.

We live in an energy sea my friend, a bioenergetic pond. In this sea of energy there are many expressions of information being blipped out. Anything that is dense or of lower vibration than your True Being can imprint your field. This is why this planet is the way it is. This is why humanity has been suffering now for thousands of years.

Humanity has not learned the lesson that everything is impacting everything else with vibration. Until humans learn that everything you do can and does impact everyone else, not much is going to change.

Humans require to wake up and look at what they have done to this planet, what they have done and are doing to each other. Is it futile to continue this game of life as it has been going. Humans do not realize that to judge someone else is to really judge themselves. Humanity does not comprehend that we are all in this energy pond and what affects one person eventually will affect everyone else through vibration.

The Earth Pond Of Life

View this life and this planet like one big pond where anything that causes a ripple in the water eventually emanates out to affect the entire pond. However, think more in terms of energy and vibration. In essence, each human is causing a ripple in the pond of life. Each ripple either uplifts all others or it is pulling people down.

What kind of ripples are you blipping out to the rest of humanity? How do you carry your energy? How do you use your Consciousness? All of these aspects of your being are affecting everyone else at the core fundamental level of life. Your vibration is either uplifting others or pulling them down. This is why it is so important to become more conscious of how you are carrying yourself and your energy.

The interesting fact is that most of humanity walks around as if this life is only about them and what they feel is important. This kind of Unconsciousness is the reason why the planet and humans are on the verge of becoming extinct. Most people do not see how everything affects everything else at the energetic level and each person's energy is either uplifting the collective or pulling it down.

What do you think most people are contributing to the planet in the form of their energy? Do you really think most humans are uplifting others with their vibration? You know the answer to this question and simply look at life and there is your proof what most of humanity is blipping out to the collective.

Perhaps it is time for a major change in how you carry your energy and use your Consciousness. Perhaps humans can learn how to honor all beings on this planet and begin to see everyone as a big family instead of THEM over there. Perhaps with this shift in Consciousness, humanity can learn how to truly appreciate each other and begin to carry their energy more consciously and see themselves as a vital part of this life and how expansive it can get.

How To Clear Your Auric Field As To Experience More Flow In Your Life

1) Ok, so almost everyone walking on this planet is carrying many energies, thought forms and other energetic imprints that are not theirs. You are also carrying energetic imprints that are not yours or you took on from family members, ancestors and even past and current lovers. These energies require to be cleared because they impede your ability to truly connect to Source and your Higher Faculties.

One of the greatest ways to begin clearing your field is to go out in nature and connect to some form of living thing as in a tree or water. Some call this grounding where you connect your being to nature in some way as in sitting on the beach, laying at the base of a tree or swimming in the water. These activities connect you to a Higher Form of energy that is pure and clean. As such, they have the profound ability to assist you in clearing your field and removing foreign energies.

This is by far one if the easiest and best ways and it is free. Humans have complicated spirituality and do so many laborous practices that are not very helpful in clearing your auric field. It is much easier than what is being taught out there. Most schools of thought are teaching you complicated processes for connecting to Source and such. Well, just make an honest observation and what do you see?

Do you really think a majority of people are doing well spiritually let alone physically, mentally or emotionally? Yet, many people are doing spiritual practices these days that they learned from some paradigm or philosophy. You can be the judge of how well you think they work.

Make grounding a routine practice in your life and you may see miracles show up in your life as you clear and remove the energetic imprints that are not yours. Use your intuition and inner guidance to customize grounding to suit what is best for you. It may be that the ocean is the best way for you to clear your field. Or it may be simply laying in grass face down and simply breathing fresh air. Discover what suits you and let go of what others are doing.

2) The second best way to begin to clear your auric field is calling back all of your lost energy from your entire life. As a being walking this planet, you have given up your energy in the form of relationships that have drained you of your Life Force. You want to call back any and all lost energy that you have given up either consciously or unconsciously to anyone as in family members or past lovers, jobs or a business or anything where you have given up energy in order to be part of something or someone's life.

Take your power back right now and claim your lost energy. Most people do not know who they truly are because they have given up their energy in the form of playing roles to fit in, wearing masks as to hide insecurities and other forms of giving up your Life Force as to fit in somewhere or with someone. Doing these things causes you to not only lose energy, it also causes you to lose touch with your True Essence.

Simply find a quiet location, preferably in nature where you will not be disturbed. Take some deep breathes and ground into Mother Earth. Continue to breathe and place your Awareness on your heart center. Call on your Heart and True Self and ask for guidance in bringing back all of your lost energy and Life Force. Consciously take back your Life Force from anyone you have given it up to. You intuitively know who you have given your energy up to.

Keep doing this process over weeks and you shall see miracles. See your Life Force coming back to you from anyone or anything you have given it to. See your body and full being filling up with Light and your Life Force.

As you bring back more of your Life Force, you may begin to feel different as the True You is now home. You may go through some adjustments both emotionally and mentally and even physically. You may feel depressed or off in some way or you may feel the best you have in your entire life. You are unique so do not place limitations on this healing since it shall be a unique experience.

If you feel off a bit, then just be ok with it. Do your best to connect to nature and take some baths with pink Himalayan salt at least once a week as to help you stay grounded. This process is very powerful so explore and see what happens. You are bringing back more of who you truly are and so it may feel different for a bit. The real you has been longing for this reunion.

3) The next best way of clearing your auric field has to do with chord cutting. Essentially, you are cutting any and all chords and tethers and bonds on a deep spiritual and energetic level between you and anyone else. Be aware that every person you come in contact with, you are forming energetic chords. The more you are personal and intimate with someone the more chords you have.

So, you simply begin visualizing each person you have had relationships with and you energetically cut all chords between you and that person. Family members and lovers have the thicker chords. So just cut and see it as the chords being cut away from that person. Also, visualize a blue tornado vacuum over your head that is sucking up all the chords and sending these back to Source.

Be aware that it is wise to cut your chords even between you and family members that are of a healthy relationship. Or even with a current lover you have, it is best to cut your chords between you and them since the energetic chords create disharmony in your field. You can view this as spiritual hygiene where you are keeping your auric field clean and pure so you can experience more flow and harmony in your life.

Just as you keep your house clean and tidy, view this as a process of aura cleansing for your spirit as to assist you in maintaining clean and pure energy so you can create the life of your dreams. Make this chord cutting a routine process you do on a daily basis. You can now feel more of who you truly are without anyone else in your field. Remember to use your intuition to guide you on how best to perform this process of chord cutting. You may discover a more efficient way to do this that is best for you.

So, there you have some easy and quick processes for clearing your field of energies that are not yours and impeding your spiritual growth. You require to take your power back and you do that by keeping your field clear and bringing back your Life Force.

If you ever require any guidance or feedback on your journey remember to contact me.

To Your Most Victorious Life,



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