Health Bankruptcy: Why Americans Are Burnt Out, Overweight & Unhealthy

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Most Americans are bankrupt and they do not even know they are. Our society is in dire times, however, most people keep rolling along as if nothing is wrong with the current state of human health and society.

My friend, please take a pause to look at the facts. The holistic perspective is that 90% of Americans are health bankrupt and this continues to rise each year. How is it that a nation that is supposedly the leading front of human living has epidemics? How is it that a majority of the people are overweight and unhealthy?

Let's use common sense and sound holistic facts to shed new light on the American Epidemic. So follow me on this holistic observation. Answer me one question? When you go to the gas station to fuel up your car, you put the right octane gas in your gas tank, correct? Would you put diesel gas in your tank? How about chlorine or liquid tar? Why wouldn't you? You wouldn't put these things in there because they are not supposed to go in there. This is simple science and common sense, right?

So why do you and millions of Americans each day put things in your body that are not supposed to go in there? Don't you think that your body is much more important than a metal machine? Yet, the fact remains is that a majority of the food supply can not and will not nourish your body. And...the modern food supply is altered and can actually be toxic to your whole system. Just because you fill your belly does not mean it is nourishing your body at all.

From a holistic perspective and honesty...90% of the modern food supply is not nourishing you but depleting you. It takes energy to process foods that are devoid of nutrition which eventually leaves you bankrupt of life force and reserve nutrients. Be aware that 90% of the foods you will find in grocery stores are not recognizable to your cells. Why? Because they are altered and processed and so far removed from their True Heirloom state. This includes "organic".

"Organic" produce is not heirloom nor truly natural constituents. You are being lied to my friend. Heirloom produce comes from seeds that have been passed on for generations leaving them in their pure state. The "organic" seeds out there are altered, plain and simple, unless a farmer has retained his yearly crop seeds and replanted those seeds each year. This is rare these days just so you know.

So, the main reasons why Americans are health bankrupt is because #1 the food supply is devoid of vital nutrients. The soils of America are bankrupt of the vital living probiotics (bacteria) and fungi that are supposed to convert and transform base element nutrients into absorbable and recognizable nutrition for your cells.

The #2 reason why Americans are health bankrupt is as I already brought to your awareness. Most of the food supply is altered as in GMO and hybridized which makes both of these forms of foods unrecognizable to your cells. So, ingesting nutrient devoid foods and GMO foods makes your body toxic

8 out of 10 people are either overweight and/or unhealthy looking. These numbers continue to rise each year. So, we now have a very depleted society and yet most of these people have no clue why? Then throw in the factor that the water supply is not even anywhere near what your body is supposed to have as the proper form of hydration. Thus, there you have the ripe catalyst for health epidemics as you see today. My friend, it is very simple.

Bankrupt food + bankrupt water = bankrupt bodies = epidemics

The Water Supply Can Not Hydrate Your Cells

The water supply is horrendous and the holistic fact that without water being properly structured then nothing in your body system works properly. Did you know that you require water to have a unique molecular structure and size to it so it may enter the aquaporin of your cell? Did you know that water requires to have life force in it as to create the proper bio-electrical charge to create magnetism as to draw nutrients to the cell membrane?

Did you know that you require structured water (electrically charged) as to be able to detox biological wastes and other pollutants out of your body? Did you know that your brain uses the most amount of hydration of your entire body and that it requires this form of structured water as to drive neurons and create biochemicals and hormones to keep your entire body system functioning at maximum capacity?

Without water being structured (with life force) properly as I am speaking about, your body will continue to store toxins and build up until you are like most people walking around...overweight and have low energy. Be aware that being overweight has nothing to do with fat and calories.

The true holistic reason why people are overweight or obese has to do with the fact that their body is building up toxins and storing toxic water. Why? Because the water people are drinking is from plastic bottles which clogs your detox channels with plastic residues and the molecular structure to the water is too big to enter the aquaporin of the cells.

This means that you will be storing water in your system because it can not be processed out of your body. Your kidneys can not process unstructured water (no life force + molecules too big to enter aquaporin) from plastic bottles. Thus you get what you overweight and depleted society.

Wake Up Humanity Before It's Too Late

How much longer does society require to see that the main proponents being taught out there for human health will not correct these nutrition epidemics. If you are following a health paradigm or some health expert then you have given your power over to someone who knows nothing about your health and body. You are essentially putting your life into someone else's hands as millions of people have done. Some of these people are no longer around because they neglected to take their power and responsibility of caring for their own health and well being.

The current health philosophies are not going to help you to experience radiant health nor anywhere near that level of health. You my friend, best wake up and take your power back and do it soon because you may not have another chance to do so. You are setting yourself up to become a statistic some day as many people have done because they blindly believed what they hear on radio, tv or the internet. You ought to be questioning everything you hear about health these days because 95% of it has not proven itself with results that many people have experienced.

Again, simply look in society at the people. Most people are unhealthy or overweight or have many health issues. Do you really think this is normal? No way my friend. Get with it and do it now before it's too late. Your health is your responsibility and only you can know how to care for it. The problem is that you have been programmed with so much misinformation that you do not know even where to begin, correct? Yeah and that is the major problem facing humanity at this time because most people have no clue how to even begin to create radiant health let alone being at par.

What Are You Going To Choose?

So, what are you going to do about this problem? Be aware that the health epidemics are only going to continue to rise. look to health experts and famous health professionals for the answers is once again giving up your power and setting yourself up for many health challenges at some point.

In case you have not figured it out yet, you can not supplement your way to health as most supplements can not do what they are claiming. Your health is mainly an embodiment of a consciousness and a lifestyle. Physical nutrition is only part of what creates your health. How you carry your energy, where you live, who you live with, the music you listen to, what occupation you do and even the clothes you wear are all impacting your level of health.

Your health is a part of who you are and how you express yourself in life. It is the foundation to your evolution and for being able to tap into your higher potentials.

Without radiant health, you can not evolve let alone come anywhere near living your dreams. Just look around...look at your you really see many people crushing it and living the life of their dreams? Be honest!

Your health and your consciousness is all linked to your ability to live a delicious and fulfilling life. Without radiant health and without using a higher consciousness you will be blown by the winds of life here and there and you will never experience the richness that you seek.

Time is of the essence. You must choose if you are going to continue to place the responsibility of your health into someone else's hands.

Or...if you are going to step up and claim your power back and learn how to care for your own health. Your health is your wealth my friend. Most people chase money and material goodies and never feel fulfilled. Perhaps you can elevate your consciousness and embody a holistic lifestyle that will create riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Your body and health are the greatest assets you have. They are the investments that make life worth living. By taking care of your sacred vehicle, you can go out in life and experience all the riches and delicious manifestations of your wildest dreams.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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