From Victim To Victorious

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Most people want to create a life that feels good and that flows. They desire abundance and good times. Most people will set very big goals for themselves and have so many expectations of how their life should go. The truth of the matter is that most people never experience their higher potentials let alone achieve their most desired wants.

Why is this? Why do most people never even come near experiencing their higher potentials regardless of how much personal development they have done or goal setting?

The fact most people are unaware of is that the main reason why most people continue to struggle in life and never really come near achieving their life goals has to do with their unconscious motive to continue to play their limiting life story.

Their story was created when they were a child as to fit into their family and ensure being loved by mom and dad. They took on the projections of their parents as to have a sense of belonging and an unconscious desire to want to make their parents happy.

This taking on of projections and roles is why most people will never tap into their higher potentials nor achieve much of significance with their life. This role playing or what some call playing the victim is a worldwide plague that has stifled humanity now for thousands of years. Playing the victim is how most people learn how to get by in life as it creates a form of commonality among people.

Playing the victim is much easier than playing big and really putting yourself out there. Even though people will make bold claims of what they desire to do, deep down inside they fear doing so. Their story and their unconscious programs usually win out over any conscious desire to live a better life.

Playing the victim makes people have an excuse for not achieving or being successful. It is a ploy to play small so you can play it safe and not have to stretch and be in your uncomfort zone.

Most people will not want to admit they have unconscious motives for playing small and continuing to struggle. Actually most people are addicted to play the victim as they get so much in return even though it is unhealthy.

The fact is most people learn to play this victim role in their childhood from the modeling of their mother and father. They learn that to get by in life, you do these unhealthy and unconscious habits that give you an excuse to show up small and not having to step into your True Self.

This unhealthy modeling of parents is one of the greatest stiflers of humanity yet most people are unaware of this silent plague. Humanity requires to wake up from this epidemic because it does not have much time to correct this ship gone off path. Humanity is on the path to extinction and this playing the victim is one of the greatest impediments to its evolution as a species.

Look at your own life. How many times have you played the victim in your life? Do you see how most people in your life play this victim story with you and others? It is present in almost every day situation if you have the eyes to see

5 Ways To Live A Victorious Life

1) Speak Your Truth/Walk Your Truth: Most people are scared to really say what they feel deep down inside for fear of losing love and respect from the people they love. They fear that those people will not like what they say and may pull their love away. This is erroneous but your ego will not want you to speak your Truth for fear of loss of love and affection from others.

The greatest gift you can give this planet is for you to speak your Truth to everyone no matter what. This is your life my friend and you are here for you, not for serving and playing others' roles of what they want for you. Go create the life you truly desire without caring what others will think or feel. If they don't like your Truth then that is their problem.

It is not your duty to please others ever, especially your family members and friends even though they will expect that. You are here to be a model of a higher consciousness being. Sometimes you are going to have to ruffle people's feathers and it may seem that you are hurting them by what you say.

 Listen, if you are speaking from your heart then you can never hurt anyone. That is just them playing the victim and fear the change that you are going through. This means they can no longer hide in their insecurities and their cover is blown. Most people fear change so do not take it personal if some people in your life will respond in fear of what you say with your words when you speak your Truth.

You are here to change the world, not to play small and hide behind roles and victim stories. Just look at what that has gotten humanity and this planet. How do you think things will change if you fear speaking your Truth and walking that Truth? Just go for it and walk and talk your Truth to everyone no matter what. Just express yourself from your heart and you shall see miracles showing up in your life.

2) Clear Your Belief Systems & Auric Field Of Energetic Imprints:

You may not be aware that you are probably carrying numerous beliefs about life and yourself that have come directly from your upbringing. These belief systems run below your conscious awareness and can be the true cause of why your life does not flow nor feel good.

You may also have energetic chords and tethers from family members, past lovers and even your place of occupation. These energy chords can impede your flow and cause so much disharmony among your being. These chords and belief systems are the main reason why most people never achieve most of their most desired wants. They kink your ability to be a whole being. They do not allow you to feel and be the real you.

These belief systems and energetic chords pull you off path of the real you and never allow you to experience the richness of life that is your birthright. These energies stifle the flow of your life and make your life a challenge.

You need to take your power back and clear yourself of all of these energies as they are not you. They have been imprinted upon you and projected onto you and thus you can not discover who you really are with these things in your field and consciousness.

You may begin to simply be conscious of these belief systems and chords when you sense them.

You begin to disassociate yourself from them by proclaiming that your Truth is different than what these energies are saying. Every time you sense these things come up in your life, you pause and say to yourself or out loud..."You are not me and I proclaim my sovereignty over any and all belief systems passed on from family members and ancestors."

You also proclaim that all energetic chords between you and any past lover or present lover be cut and cleared from your bio-field (aura). You are your own master and only you can do this process of reclaiming your power.

3) Commit To Your Higher Mission:

The reason why most people do not achieve most of their life goals is because they really never fully commit to doing so. Most people think they want to achieve something but their heart really is not into it. The only way you will ever achieve your life goals is by committing your full being into it.

Just be aware that most people think that it is supposed to be easy when they go for their dreams. This is not the Truth. In fact, you will encounter numerous challenges on your path. The issue is most people give up too soon on their dreams because they do not see any returns. They get discouraged and simply let their foot off the gas. As they do then their dreams become more of a false hope than something in creation mode.

If you want something and I mean really desire something then realize you are going to have to put out effort and be in your uncomfort zone. Most people want to create cozy lives. Life does not work that way my friend. If you are cozy then you are not growing nor expanding. Comfort is for people who really do not want to change and fear their higher potentials.

The only way you get to experience a life worth living is to commit your full being of heart, body and spirit into whatever you are intending. Once you fully commit then that is when the Universe begins to support you on your mission. Most people never fully commit to anything for fear of failure or loss. You get what you put into something. If you are only 30% into something then do not be pissed when life only gives you back about 30%.

You are powerful beyond words, so step up to the plate and claim your brilliance. Own it. Walk your truth and go for your dreams with the knowing you will achieve them. It just may take some time so allow for that and do not back off or take your foot off the gas pedal. Keep going and you will see at some point miracles showing up in your life.

4) Create A Harmonious Home Environment

Your home is the one place that ought to be like a sanctuary. It ought to feel nice, smell nice and have great energy. It should look great too. However, most people's homes are cluttered and stagnant because they have way too much stuff sitting around and they have too many gadgets and other stagnating factors in the way.

Your home is the greatest source of life force energy or the biggest drain of it. How your home feels and looks makes an impact on your health and consciousness. How it smells even can affect your health and moods. So, be aware that your home is to be a Source of inspiration, of peace, of harmony, of happiness, of rest, of your higher potentials.

Begin to consciously reset your home environment. Reorganize your furniture. Bring in fresh flowers. Light some essential oil candles. Put beautiful art up on the walls. Play soothing music throughout the day.

Remove anything that is dis-harmonic from your bedroom as in TV and cell phone and alarm clocks and other gadgets. These pollute your air with electricity smog and can impact your health negatively. Make your bedroom a place of peace by having only your bed and you in there. Remove all other things as they clutter and stagnate the energy of your room. This impacts you on many levels. A harmonic home environment can catapult you to higher potentials and make your life more fun and victorious.

5) Connect With People Already Living A Victorious Life

It is very important to realize that if you want to be successful in life then you require to connect with people who are already doing it or are on path to going for their dreams. People like this are inspiring and motivated to get stuff done.

They can be a catalyst for you in helping to be a model of a high vibe successful person. This creates a synergy and can ignite your higher potentials by giving you full permission to go out and rock your life.

Having others of like mind in your life to connect with is usually the essential ingredient most people require to finally hit blast off. Sometimes all you really need is just one person who sees your higher vision of who you truly are and believes in you. This is probably the greatest gift you can receive on your journey to a victorious life. Go out there and be proactive in finding people who are rocking it. They are out there. You just have to go out and find them.

To Your Most Victorious

Zerian - The Health Alchemist

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