The True Definition Of Obesity

Updated: Jul 18

Finally, the true definition of obesity and being overweight is now here.

Most people have been programmed to believe that being overweight and obese is about eating too many calories. As such, millions upon millions of people play the calorie game thinking if they can just reduce or "burn" more calories then they can shed their excess weight.

And the results? We have 8 out of 10 people that are either overweight or obese these days and this now includes children. Playing the calorie game is a game you play to lose every time. Why? Because that erroneous philosophy has proven now for over 5 decades that limiting or "burning" calories does not get results for over 95% of people who follow that practice.

Before you can go on to truly shed your excess weight then you require to discover what being overweight and/or obese is truly about. I can tell you with utmost confidence that it is not about calories.

So, what is obesity? Get ready to have your paradigms rocked because I'm about to hit you with a luminous Truth Bomb. Being overweight or obese is the direct result from the storing of toxins and excess toxic water in your body system. BOOM!

Did you get that? Let me say it another way. Being overweight is the accumulation of toxins and excess toxic water that your body can't get rid of.

Why can't your body get rid of these toxins and excess water? Let me give you a little lesson in holistic health and nutrition that 99% of dieticians, nutritionists and personal trainers DO NOT know.

So, your body is designed to intake pure natural foods and living water from nature. Natural foods contain the base element nutrients that your body requires. Also, living water that has the ideal energies and geometries activates your body's systems to function at peak performance.

Now, the main problem that 99% of people don't know is that the modern food supply is altered from its original natural form. This means that the produce you find in any grocery store is foreign to your body. That food has been hybridized and genetically altered and this includes "organic". And you thought "organic" was healthy? Really? NOT!!!

Any time you ingest a foreign or altered food product, your body does not recognize it as nutrition. Thus, it will use up viable reserve nutrients and enzymes and energy to try to get rid of it out of your body system. This causes your body to produce toxins.

Now, couple this with the water supply being DEAD and now you have a ripe environment for health issues to arise. Water that is not fully energized with life force as nature intended so it can fully hydrate your brain and body and create the ideal magnetic charge to pull toxins out makes this water a main culprit to being overweight. Why? Because water without life force does not have the proper magnetic charge to be excreted out of your body.

Also, bottled water is very toxic to your body because that water is DEAD energetically speaking and contains plastic residues. These plastic residues can alter your hormones which in turn screws up your metabolism that then leads to storing more weight on your body.

Thus, the storing of excess toxins and water in your body system is the true definition of obesity. Maybe now you can see why so many people are overweight these days.

All the dieting, fitness and "healthy eating" will not restore your body system to be aligned to its sacred perfection in order to be slim and healthy.

So, what is the solution to all this crazy stuff with the food and and water not being in its natural element. I call it Alchemy. I specialize in a modality I call Evolution Nutrition. It is the pathway to truly being radiant and slim using natural principles of bioenergetic nutrition that is infused with LIGHT and Consciousness.

Unless your food and water in infused with Light and Higher Frequencies then you're ingesting DEAD constituents. DEAD food and DEAD water leads to the storing of excess toxins in your body system. This in turn leads to obesity.

Society as a whole is ingesting DEAD food and DEAD water and thus all you have to do is look at the people. It is a depleted and overweight society. Those people are toxic and are storing layers upon layers of plastic residues, calcifications, parasites, heavy metals and other bio-wastes in their body.

There is no mystery as to why so many people are overweight or obese or have health conditions these days. It's quite common sense actually but 99% of people have no clue that this is the Truth of the matter.

The programming in society has done quite a number to people making them believe that if they just ingest "organic" food, intake supplements and do cardio exercise that they are going to be fine. NOT!!!

Humanity needs a nutrition upgrade and fast. People are starting to drop like flies. These health epidemics should not exist in our modern society. You need to question everything about health and nutrition because most most philosophies have failed to help people experience true health radiance.

To Your Health,

Zerian - The Badass Health Coach

P.S. If you want to finally get off the "overweight hamster wheel" then book your free Zoom Health Assessment session with me right now. Let's get you on path to truly shedding your excess weight easily and quickly for a healthier and slimmer you. ;)


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