Calling All Changemakers...Stop Struggling. Start Thriving. Change The World!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Do you feel deep inside that you are here to do something important? Do you know at the core of your soul that you are here to change the world? Do you have revolutionary ideas of how you can impact at least one area of life that needs changing? Are you struggling to get yourself on path? Do you feel lost about not knowing how to get your message out to the world?

Just breathe and relax for a second. Listen, I know what it's like to struggle to get your message out there. I know what it's like to have a burning desire inside knowing I am here to help change the world for the better yet I struggle to get my message out there. I know what it's like to feel lost in a sea of endless messages and blog posts and social media ads. Crazy it is!

Well, I am here to tell you that you can easily get your message out there when you stop following what others are saying. You need to stop following outdated paradigms and templates and box systems. Those things are not going to help you get your message out there let alone help you to thrive.

You are unique and you require to discover exactly what expression modality will help you to get yourself heard and known for your message. You have to first find your soul voice. Too many people these days just want to be heard without really digging deep into their soul of what it wants to say. Too many people are coming from their intellect. Thus, their message does not resonate deeply with others.

I have heard so many people in the past 10 years with their message and only a small handful actually had something that resonated deeply with me. The others were simply passing on outdated programs (belief systems and opinions) that had no substance. Most people are simply putting out a message that has already been spoken about, just in a new voice this time around.

Look, if you want to leave a legacy and really help change the world, then you need to dig much deeper and uncover your soul voice. Your soul has a message to say. The resonance of your soul voice is very powerful and will create vibrations that the whole world will feel. Your soul message is there, however, you have too many other distractions and voices in the way.

You need to expunge all these distractions from your consciousness to unleash your soul message. Your soul message is unique and anyone listening to it will feel the vibration of it and will be intrigued to learn more.

Please do not compare yourself with other people out there who are sharing their message. I was doing that for a little while. I could feel some doubts coming in when I would see someone who was flowing and thriving and well known for their message. And then, I realized that I am unique and only I can deliver the message my soul wants me to. Now I can just relax knowing that I am the only one who has this unique soul message and there is no competition.

If you want to stop struggling with how to get your message out there and do it efficiently then you require to take a pause from all the things you are doing right now and re-calibrate. Every single person who has gone on to share their message with the world has struggled. The main cause of this is fear. You fear that your message has to be perfect. You fear that maybe, just maybe you will be one of the amazing beings who gets to share their message with millions of people.

Come back to your center. Breathe and connect with your soul. Call on your soul to express its message. Ask it for help in getting your message out there. You already know that you have an important message to deliver to the world. You just require to activate it. You do this by going inside, not out there. The proper words will come to you at the right time. Be authentic and speak from your heart. Do not prep and try to memorize your message as this leads to being in-authentic and people will feel that.

Speak from you core. Your soul has the most eloquent words for you to speak. It will flow them to you as you step up to play a bigger game with your life. No, it won't always be easy my friend. I am here to be honest with you. However, as you keep putting your soul message out there, you will build momentum. With this momentum comes ripples that build vibrations that eventually people feel and hear.

To stop struggling and start thriving you need to allow your soul to express its voice. If you are coming from your mind and intellect then your message will sound like the millions of other voices out there. It will be empty of the soul force that can move mountains. Too many people out there are coming from their mind and intellect. Thus, the world is filled with superficial messages that really do not get people to move or change.

Speak from your soul and watch the feedback you get from people. Your soul message is the catalyst many people are waiting for at this time. The vibration carries with it information that ignites people's brilliance.

To thrive with your message, you need to own your brilliance first. You need to have the audacity to shine as brilliance as a million suns. That is your main purpose for being here my friend. To shine in your full glory. To do so means that you are being a model for others and are giving them permission to do the same with their life.

Know to the core of your being that you are here to succeed with your message. You just need to stop doubting yourself. Just start moving, get your message out there. Adjust as you go. You can only thrive if you learn from your journey. Do not do like most people and hesitate and wait until conditions are just right. That time never comes because life will throw so many distractions at you. Just move, get your butt rolling with something, anything. Get your vibrations out to the world my friend. After all, the only thing at stake here is the survival of the human race.

Ignite your brilliance now. Do not wait any longer. This planet needs your message more than ever. Humanity is not doing well. They need to hear and feel you. Stop being in fear. You are the one this planet has been waiting for for thousands of years. The time is NOW!!!

If you had one shot to leave your legacy and save the human race, how would you conduct yourself? How would you show every day knowing that there is little time to save the human race? You need to have that urgency with your time and your message because at the current rate, humanity is on a trajectory to become instinct.

You owe it to the world and yourself to get your message out there NOW! Time is of the essence. Your vibrations will create ripples that emanate out and impact other people. So, you decide if your ripples will be like small waves on the shore or a BIG Tsunami that crashes and hits many people.

Make a Tsunami with your message and vibration. You will have much more fun and impact so many more people. The world needs that right now as to awaken so many unconscious people to greater heights.

I wish you many blessings on your journey...

To Your Most Victorious Life,

Zerian - The Soul Alchemist

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