5 Keys For Conscious Men To Activate Their Masculine Force

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Calling all conscious men who desire to expand and grow more fully into the man you came to be. It's time for you to arise and allow your full Masculine Force out to express itself to the world.

Deep within your being, there is the Masculine Force at the core of your being waiting to be activated. It has been there your entire life yet you have not fully been in touch with it nor felt its organic raw power.

In fact, most men have not ever been taught about this Force that is the seat of your being. This Force is the fulcrum of who you truly are and the Source with how you are supposed to create in the world and express your authentic manhood.

This Masculine Force is a powerhouse of energy waiting for you to tap into as to create the legacy you came to reveal to the world. You my friend are a catalyst for major change for this world gone asleep. Your Masculine Force is required at this time to assist in bringing in a new foundation for living and for expressing in the world.

Humanity and men around the world have lost the wisdom of The Masculine Force. As such, this world has gone on a downward spiral of disharmony and disequilibrium.

As a man you are supposed to be in touch with this Masculine Force from childhood on. You are supposed to be initiated into your manhood by wise men who have been through the same process as to assist you in activating and nurturing this Force. This Force is essential on your spiritual path to not only being the glorious man you came to be, however, is the nectar and Source of your manly creations.

This world needs you right now. This world has gone off path and humanity has gone asleep. Your Masculine Force is the energy that can correct this ship gone off path. It will require a great amount of spiritual gumption for you to go through this process. It will require for you to give up all of your petty desires and all the limiting roles you have adopted to fit into this world where men have become feminized.

Yes, men have become feminized around the world. Men have not been modeled a True Masculine Man. Men have been led astray and programmed to create with mainly their Feminine Energy. Simply look out in the world and there is your proof that most men are not in their Masculine.They are in their Feminine and thus their creations are not at the level they could be if they were using their Masculine Force.

Also, because men have become feminized and are using their Feminine Energy to create, the attraction between men and women has changed. This is one of the main reasons why so many couples split and create disharmony. It is called Polarity and is just like a magnet. With a magnet you have two poles, one Masculine and one Feminine. As such you have attraction.

Well, what has happened with the Polarity (magnetism) of both men and women is the polarity has changed significantly. Men have become more feminine and women have become more masculine as to fit into this high paced world of achievement. As such, the magnetism is flipped and unnatural for both men and women. Therefore, you have many couples splitting and divorcing not because of petty issues that most people think is the main problem but because of the shift in polarities of the man and woman.

In essence, there is no magnetic charge to keep the couple together. The organic raw magnetism has been lost because of the programming of society and never having been activated and nurtured.

If you truly desire to step into your Authentic Manhood then it will require a big shift in your Consciousness. It will require for you to take a quantum leap in faith and identity. You will require an initiation into your full Authentic Man Force.

Most men have no idea that they have become feminized. How is that you say? Most men around the world have been programmed to do so via movies and sitcoms, through imprinting via family and ancestors and via the modeling of other feminized men in society.

The Euphoria Of The Man Force

This Masculine Force is very powerful and so requires to be honored and nurtured. I had the experience of this Force many times when playing ice hockey. When this Force would express itself, I literally felt invincible and unstoppable. I felt on top of the world. I felt I could create anything I wanted to with ease. It was pure euphoria.

However, this Force requires to be honored because of its raw organic power. This Force can cause you to become imbalanced if you become lost in its aura of sheer power. You require to respect and honor this Force and learn how to use it and when. When this Force would express itself when I played ice hockey, I had to learn to balance it.

This power requires your mature respect for it. Otherwise, it can create many negative byproducts in your life and hurt the ones you love. This Man Force is the magic you have been seeking your whole. It is your path to freedom. By connecting to your Man Force, you are activating the greatest power and Force that is available to you in order to achieve your mission while on this planet.

There have been many indigenous cultures that had spiritual ceremonies to initiate young boys into their Manhood. These ceremonies were conducted under mature observation from other men who went through the same process of initiation. As such, it was ensured these new breed of men would go on to be able to thrive in the world and leave a legacy.

5 Holistic Ways For Men To Activate Their Masculine Force

1) Play Sports: I know this sounds simple and self explanatory yet the truth of the matter is most men are not involved in any sport due to the tech era of computers and cell phones. Most men spend many hours a week on these gadgets and leaves little time for other activities other than their job and social meetings.

Do yourself a favor, within the next week, find a local sport group and sign up. It can be soccer, golf, tennis or a men's meetup where they play a variety of sports. Playing sports regularly can assist you in drawing out your Masculine Force. You may also join an akido or martial arts class. These forms of arts can be a big catalyst in activating your Masculine Force.

Be conscious of this Force as it expresses itself when you play your sport and honor it. Be sure to document your evolution and expansion with this practice.

2) Play a musical instrument like sacred drums or guitar or express yourself with your voice as in singing. These high vibe activities are great for activating your Masculine Force. Be sure to place your Awareness on your Masculine Force when playing your instrument and breathe into it.

Honor and give thanks to this Force. Simply express yourself through the instrument. You do not require to be skilled at playing. Just play and see what comes through you. Forget about being perfect or being a pro at playing.

The best music comes when you simply express without caring about technicalities such as finger placement or if you are following properly. Take this time to express your Masculine Force through the instrument. You may see miracles show up in your life as you activate your Man Force.

3) Begin exploring with your energetic posture. This means you begin to become super conscious of how you carry your energy when in public. You also begin to explore various ways of carrying your energy and body posture.

For example, you can explore with elevating your shoulders a bit. You can carry a slight smile when you walk. You can also think about a moment in your life where you scored a goal in sports or won a contest or anything where you were feeling confident, elated and joyful. Bring in those feelings and emotions and walk with them during the day. Keep reminding yourself to do this frequently.

4) Begin to activate your cock energy. You do this by honoring your masculine energy, so focus on your sexual center. Your cock is your fulcrum and the seat of your Manhood. Most men never really connect or give honor to their cock.

You can begin to simply place your Awareness on your cock once or twice a day. Upon waking and before going to bed are the best times to do this practice. Just breathe as you place your Awareness on your cock. Give thanks and honor to your cock and ask it to activate your sexual energy.

Notice any shift in flow of energy in your cock area. You should notice an increase in circulation after doing this practice consistently. You can then build the energy with consciously circulating your cock energy by visualizing Light that is expanding from your sexual center and filling up your whole body.

Keep your Awareness there for 5 to 10 minutes and keep breathing and circulating energy and Light in your cock area.

5) Activate your man hormones. Truth is, most men have inactive hormones. This means that their testosterone and other growth hormones will either be very low or shut off. Not a good thing if you are a man. Your growth hormones are a vital link to not only health but also feeling like a True Man.

Most men shut off their hormones by drinking beer, eating unhealthy, doing drugs and simply living life in a toxic manner. As such, men usually feel low energy and a lack of motivation to do anything of great importance. In other words, most men simply go with the flow and never tap into their Man Force.

This is one of the greatest dishonors for the planet. This planet requires men to be in their Man Force if we are to ever have a harmonic and thriving society. This planet requires men creating victorious lives by being the man they came to be. This requires for men to know who they truly are and what there mission is.

A man on a mission is quite powerful and serves as a model for other men to step into their Man Force. This kind of man gives other men permission to step into their Awesomeness. He is a catalyst of the Highest Kind. Men grounded in their Man Force get stuff done. They inspire others and they tend to magnetically pull people to Higher Grounds.

How To Activate Your Masculine Hormones:

1) You require to be active as in working out with weights or hiking. This means you work out your muscles 3 to 5 times per week. This assists you in building muscle and keeping fit which in turn activates your growth hormones.

 2) Take pure herbs and supplements. There are specific wild herbs and plants that act as natural hormone elevators. By ingesting these on a routine basis, you activate your endocrine system to pump out more hormones. We have some in our holistic store. CLICK HERE!

 3) Detox your body and learn to be radiantly healthy. If you have a congested body system then your body will not be able to produce sufficient quantities of hormones since your liver and kidneys and endocrine systems are the key for hormone production.


If you truly desire to live a victorious life and claim your legacy then you require a high vibration.This means you take care of your body like a holy temple. You treat it like it's the most important aspect of your life by investing time, money and energy in learning how to care for it properly. To do so will create a ripple of uplifting benefits that shall translate into expansion, growth and true fulfillment.

So, do your best to begin exploring with these practices and be Aware of any shifts in your life and energy expressions. Be more conscious of how you carry your energy and walk with more confidence with shoulders up high and a bit of swagger in your step.

This will benefit you with the ladies if you are single. If you have a lady in your life then this shall create a whole new attraction level for both of you. Listen, you are a man so it is time for you to step up to the plate and be that Man.

This process may challenge you because it means you will have to let go of any and all habits, people and lifestyles that do not support your new Manhood. In essence, it means you have to grow up, to extend farther than you ever have in your life. It means you have to shine and be brilliant. It means you have be impeccable with your word. It means you have to be dependable and reliable. It means you have to be a Force.

I call you out my manly friend. The time is at hand on this planet and it requires you now more then ever. Your manhood is a gift to this planet. Please step into your power and own your being. Man up and let go of everything and everyone that does not support you on your expansion journey.

You may contact me if you require any guidance or feedback.

To Your Most Manly & Victorious Life,


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