5 Health Tips For Entrepreneurs To Have More Energy

Most entrepreneurs are so busy during the day either serving their clients or creating content that they either forget about their health or simply don't know how to care for their Holy Temple.

If you truly want to build and scale your business then you are going to require lots of energy or what some call Life Force. Life Force is the the Holy Grail of human health yet 90% of business owners are either depleted or have low energy to even make it throughout the day.

I am here as your Badass Health Coach to nudge you to take more responsibility for your health and energy levels. If you truly want to serve you clients and rock your mission then you owe it to them that you show up fully energized and radiant as to be a model of a higher expression for a human being.

The more energy you have, the more fit your are and the better and younger you look makes a huge impact on not only how successful you will be with your business but how much of an impact you have on your clients. Your vibration determines how you impact your clients.

So, how are you showing up with your energy and vibration and body? Are you energized all day long? Do you have a radiant glow about you? Do you have a slim body?

It's time for a body and energy reboot!

5 Powerful Ways To Amplify Your Energy So You Can Rock Your Mission

1) Spend more time in nature - nature has all the coherent energies that you require to feel emotionally and physically well. Nature uplifts your energy levels because Mamma Earth has the greatest nutrient you require to thrive and rock your mission....and that is called LIFE FORCE.

Mamma Earth has the greatest power of Life Force so be more conscious of your time and make it a routine practice of going out in nature more. 
 Put your bare feet on the ground or lay on the Earth and ground yourself deeply into your Sacred Mamma. She will uplift you and help you feel like a happy child again. This is the greatest therapy and yet 95% of entrepreneurs never go out and lay with Mamma.

2) Conscious Breathing - just by becoming more aware of your breath you activate a higher nourishment in your body. The secret is called Prana, the Hawaiians call it Manna and in Asian cultures they call it Chi. This energy is beyond energy as you know. In the conscious process of pulling in this high vibe energy there is also LIGHT and Consciousness. So, make it a habit of when you breathe, consciously connect to this Chi or Prana and intend for it to nourish your body and Soul. You will notice miracles in not only your body but also your life.

3) Bless Your Food Before You Eat - most people simply devour their food when they eat. They give no gratitude or thanks to Mamma Earth or Source for this sustenance. Just so you know is that if just eat food with out blessing it or adding Life Force to it, it becomes depleting to your body. Be aware that most of the food supply is DEAD and Altered as in GMO or hyridized...this includes "organic". This altered food is harming people, it is altering genetics, altering people's hormones and the proof is there are epidemics that continue to rise each year despite the large volumes of health information out there.

When you are preparing your food, bring more of your conscious awareness to the process. Sing, play harmonic music and talk to your food as if your friend. Before you eat it, bless it with LIGHT and add Consciousness and frequencies of Radiance, Vitality, Longevity, Well Being. Notice how you help change the molecular structure by blessing your food. Your body shall thank you. ;)

4) Drink Living Water - most people drink bottled water and little do they know that by doing so they are putting something into their body that is toxic and DEAD. Water that is in plastic bottles is stagnant, has no life force and contains plastic residues. Those plastic residues are one of the main culprits of obesity because they alter people's hormones. And they clog people's detox channels and as such you have an overweight society where 8 out of 10 people are now obese or overweight.

Also, water without life force energy as Mother Nature intended, will deplete your body as it becomes a solvent. Water without Life Force is like your cell phone without a battery. No power to do anything because it is DEAD. Dead water equals DEAD bodies. Just look around and see the proof before your eyes.

Get yourself off of drinking plastic bottled water. Begin to drink glass bottled water instead and you will notice a huge shift in not only your energy levels but also your mentally clarity.

Also, make sure to bless your water and give thanks to it. Use your Superhero powers to infuse frequencies of radiance, health, vitality and well being into your water. Water is able to be programmed with your consciousness and intentions so make it a daily practice of connecting with your water and uplifting it so it can uplift you. ;)

5) Home Feng Shui - most people are living in disharmonic home environments. They have clutter, they have way too much stuff in each room, and they have way too many toxic cleaning products in their drawers which are emitting toxic gases every day into their air. This clutter and disharmony creates a scattered energy in your house and leads you to feeling scattered and feeling unwell. Become more conscious of your home environment. MAke it a paradise.

If you're building a business and are going to spend most of your time at home, do everything you can to make your whole home environment as harmonic as possible so it will help you to feel better and bring happiness to your being.

Do a home detox, clear out toxic cleaning products, buy natural versions, clear out closet and drawers of outdated clothing and ornaments that you no longer use. Donate this stuff, sell some and trash the rest. It's time to bring in new energy and a fresh feeling to your house. Light incense each day like Frankincense, light essential oil candles and play harmonic flute or drum music. This brings in high vibe energy and helps you to feel fresh and new.

I just gave you 5 simple practices you can do to easily and quickly uplift your energy levels and help you to serve your mission more powerfully. Please share this with others because most people forget or don't know about doing these conscious practices that can easily shift their health so they can make their greatest impact for the world.

To Your Radiant Health,

Zerian Radian

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