3 Holistic Reasons Why Eating Vegetables Is Not Healthy

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Most people tend to think eating vegetables is very healthy. In fact, you have many health philosophies teaching that eating vegetables is ideal for human nutrition. Worldwide, cultures of every race ingest vegetables of some kind for their health.

However, is eating vegetables really as healthy as being claimed out there? You may want to pause right now and take a deep breath. Please ground yourself and tap into your common sense and intuition. You see, most humans simply accept information that is given to them without ever questioning the validity of it.

Just because you believe something to be true does not mean it is a Universal Truth. Accessing information from society has many drawbacks. This is because most of the information in society is loaded with misinformation, deceit and a purposeful intention to steer you away from the actual Truth.

In the aspect of human health and nutrition, you have been led to believe that ingesting vegetables is one of the healthiest practices you can do. You have numerous health philosophies across the planet that teach eating vegetables is a healthy practice in the attempt to attain radiant health.

Which leads me to my question...If this is so true, then why are there epidemics in human health these days? Why are so many people unhealthy worldwide even after following the common health practices that most people think are healthy?

Ahh...time for a wake up call my friend. You see, you have been programmed since the day you were born to believe certain things. And you have never taken time to stop and question any of this information you were supplied with. You have been too busy with life and trying to achieve life goals. In doing so, you have neglected the most important aspects to life and that is your health.

Billions of people worldwide have used this same approach to life. They simply accept information they have been supplied with without ever questioning or validating the Truth of it. This planet is on information overload these days and now with the power of the internet, it is further making things more convoluted and programming people to believe many things about life that are not true.

In the aspect of human health, it has been beyond proven what the healthiest of nutrition intake is for most humans, yet, this information eludes people because of the mass piles of other information that is attempting to sell you something other than Truth.

My friend, it has been known for decades what the healthiest nutrition intake is for most humans and yet we now have health epidemics across the world and the numbers continue to rise each year. Perhaps it's time to question the mass loads of information being posed as Truth. I am here to tell you with utmost confidence that 95-99% of the health information out there is not the highest Truth nor will it get you to radiant health.

All you have to do is look and there is your proof that the so called "healthy" nutrition practices have not validated themselves with results that you can see and measure. In fact, quite the opposite has happened to many people. Many people have followed the common "healthy practices" for years and yet their health declined after doing so.

It is your choice what you choose to believe. I am here to shine new Light on the aspect that your health is your responsibility and to rely on information from society is not going to get you radiant health as has been proven.

My philosophy is...If Something Is True, Then It Should Validate Itself With Results. Most of society's philosophies, theories and so called expert advice have validated that they DO NOT support their claims with results that you can see and measure. Just look at life and society and need I say more?

3 Holistic Reasons Why Eating Vegetables Is Not As Healthy As You May Think

1) The main reason why eating vegetables is not as healthy as you may think is due to the fact that 90% of the modern food supply is now either GMO (genetically modified organism) or hybridized, both of which your body can not recognize as nutrition.

In essence, a modified food product is something that is foreign to your body. These GMO foods have been shown to cause toxicities in your body and also may be attributed to DNA mutations. I don't think this is a viable way to support your health, do you?

You may want to start questioning everything you are being told about the food supply because the fact is, most of the world food supply is now GMO regardless of what the labels say. "Organic" labeling is very misleading and deceptive as most of the organic food supply is also GMO regardless of what any store is telling you. Just so you know is that any Organic Farm must use "Organic Industry Seeds" to be licensed as an Organic Farm.

Well, the seeds that the industry is selling to the farmers are GMO seeds plain and simple. The farmers themselves do not know they are being hoodwinked.

So, you may want to be more conscious of the fact that the modern food supply can not and will not be able to nourish your body properly and in time will actually make your body toxic. You can believe what you want, however, you will not find this information on the internet or anywhere in society.

2) The second reason why eating vegetables is not as healthy as you may think is due to the fact that the modern farming practices have depleted the soils of the world. What most people consider farming is actually a very destructive process for growing food.

These modern farming methods are not only depleting to the soils of the vital nutrients required for human health, but also have removed the most important viable life giving bacteria that some call probiotics. What you may not know is that these microbacteria are directly responsible for producing the hundreds of vital minerals, trace minerals and other bio-nutrients your body requires for optimum health.

Once again, anyone telling you that eating vegetables is healthy for the nutrients they contain does not know the truth of what I am revealing. In fact, eating vegetables that are devoid of nutrition can cause your body to lose nutrients. In the attempt to break down the cellulose and digest the vegetable, your body will require enzymes, acids, and trace minerals. As such, your body will draw these from your reserves. Not a good thing for human health.

It is kind of like when you go to the bank to deposit a check. After you make the deposit, you now have an increase in account balance. Well, ingesting vegetables that are devoid of nutrition is like going to the bank to deposit a check and now your bank account actually decreases in value. This is one of the main reasons why there are so many health epidemics these days.

If I may be so bluntly honest, the fact is 95% of the modern food supply will not nourish your body. In fact, it will do the opposite, it will deplete your body and put your body in survival mode. Now you know why so many people look unhealthy, are overweight and have many health issues. The modern food supply does not have any viable nutrition in it and it altered from its natural biological form. Pretty simple when you see it from a holistic perspective as how I am presenting it.


Yet, most people worldwide tend to think it is some mystery why so many people are not well. No mystery my friend. It is called common sense and nature. Follow nature and you fare well. Follow erroneous philosophies and now you are setting yourself up to get your butt whooped. This is where humanity is at. Most humans believe everything they are being given and now look at the predicament they are in.

Your health is your fulcrum to your entire life. As your health goes so does the rest of your life. Many people are attempting to manifest and create the life of their dreams. And yet, they are neglecting the most important component to manifesting. Your health and your vibration is the seat of creation. Not in doing LOA (Laws Of Attraction) and meditations.

Your body is the holy chalice that manifestations happen through. Perhaps it is time for you to change your perspective on your health. Perhaps, if you begin to put your health first instead of career, lovers or material goodies, then that is when you will finally be able to create the life of their dreams.

3) The third reason why eating vegetables is not as healthy as you may think is due to the fact that many vegetables contain natural toxins on their skin surface as to protect them in nature from being eaten by bugs or getting moldy. It is kind of like a natural insecticide. These natural toxins can cause you health issues if you ingest too many raw vegetables that contain these protective compounds.

I know there are many people preaching RAW these days, yet the truth of the matter is that ingesting too many raw vegetables can alter your health in negative ways. The best way to intake most vegetables is actually to steam them. This breaks down the cellulose for easier digestion and also helps remove most of the toxins on the skin.

Just do your own experiment. Eat some raw broccoli and then see how you feel. Then, the next day eat some broccoli that you steamed until soft. Now make an honest assessment of how you feel. The truth becomes quite apparent when you take some time to validate it.

Raw broccoli is hard to digest because it has very high amounts of cellulose. Also, raw broccoli has lots of these plant toxins on its skin. To remedy this you simply steam it super soft as to help to make digestion easier.

Vegetables ARE NOT The Highest Form Of Nutrition

A holistic fact you may not be aware of is that vegetables are not one of the best forms of nutrition for human health. The main reason why you want to eat vegetables has to do with the fiber they contain. Fiber is the holy grail in helping to keep you slim and for keeping your excretory system flowing as in helping you to expel toxins and go poop regularly.

Eating vegetables is not ideal for nutrient intake because of the reasons I listed earlier. Another fact is that most people simply do not have the proper enzyme levels nor the hydrochloric acid levels to digest and break down the cellulose properly enough to extract any nutrients anyway.

My recommendation is to eat a good intake of vegetables for the fiber not for nutrients. Always make half of your main meals vegetables of some kind. Also, be sure to steam your vegetables until super soft. Simply steam on medium low heat with some water or in a bamboo steamer. This is the healthiest way to get your vegetables in and you will benefit your body by being regular and pooping.

There will be many people who will either not believe what I am revealing or are so into a health paradigm that they will not allow the Truth to be presented to them. What I have just revealed to you can be validated with results and with some holistic observation.

I have seen many people who screwed up their health because they chose to believe what is being presented in society. They chose to believe some so called health expert. They chose to believe paradigms and theories that have no substantial holistic foundation.

I always ask the one question...if all of these health philosophies out there are so true and valid, then where are all the healthy, radiant and slim people? Need I say more? The proof is in front of everyone's eyes. Yet, most people miss the Truth because they have been programmed. Perhaps, if more people begin to use their intuition and body feedback as to validate if something is True, then maybe more people will begin to get healthier and slimmer and happier?

I have personally helped people to create miracles with their health by educating them on a holistic foundation and on what most people are missing for vital nutrition intake. I also teach intuition and body wisdom. They are the best directors to radiant health for you.

To Your Most Victorious Life,


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