3 Holistic Health Tips For Better Brain Function

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Your brain is by far the most important aspect to your expansion and evolution. Your brain is a powerhouse of beyond speed of light processing that no computer or technology can compete with. This little organ that most see only as a physical construct has multi-dimensional functions that most people are unaware of.

You see, your brain is actually processing superluminal information that is faster than the speed of Light. Science has no clue as to the Truth of the human body let alone about this Universe. Conventional science is a hodge podge of theories that have never been proven. Yet, our society easily promotes these theories as fact.

The Truth of the matter is that your brain is processing multi-dimensional information that is coming from Source or as some call the Zero Point Field or as Tesla called it the Aether. This is happening at faster than speed of Light. If you only knew just how many biochemical processes are going on within your body even within one millisecond, then you will comprehend that the brain and human body are a marvel to say the least. Also, your brain and body are processing this high powered information in the form of Light Codes via your DNA.

So, if you truly desire to expand yourself then you are going to require to learn how to supply your body and brain with its essential requirements each day. Your brain and body require base elements each day in the form of electrolytes, pure structured water, amino acids and healthy fats. The modern food and water supply will not provide these to you at this time since these are altered compounds from their Divine State. Be aware that you require thousands of these vital bio-nutrients each day.

Your brain uses the most amount of electrolytes and water and fats each day as to fuel this super high powered multi-dimensional human computer, if you want to call it that. My friend, you are a multi-dimensional being and you require to pull in multi-dimensional nourishment from Source.

You have been distracted from this information I am presenting to you. The fact is, your brain and body are the Holy Chalice, the Secret Gateway to your Highest Expansion. This is the Holy Grail that many have talked about for thousands of years. However, most of humanity has thought that the Holy Grail, Holy Cup is a physical gold ornament that has magical powers.

Magical powers for sure, both your brain and body are packed with holy gems and treasures worth more than all the gold and diamonds on the planet. Yet, most of humanity has no knowledge of this information.

Within your brain and DNA you have a treasure trove of power waiting for you to unleash it. The Truth is that your body and brain are the only way for you to expand to your Highest. No amount of meditation, mantras or yoga is going to take you this high. In fact, these practices will impede your ability to expand as they usually become distracting activities. Most people either neglect their health and body or are misinformed as to how best to take care of this Sacred Vehicle.

There are way too many health paradigms out there these days and the proof is that most of these philosophies fall very short in assisting most of humanity to expand and evolve let alone be healthy and radiant. We have more disharmony and unhealthy people on this planet than ever before.

So, then where is the proof that these health and spiritual philosophies are so great. Again, we have the most amount of unwell people and unhealthy these days. Yet we have all these philosophies promoting that they are the holy way to your expansion. Really? You decide.

All you have to do is look at life and the proof is right there starring you in the eyes. Just feel the Truth my friend. It is time for you and the rest of humanity to be very honest with yourself and themselves.

Humanity is being loaded with boatloads of information, most of which does not validate itself with conclusive results that you can taste, touch and experience.

You are being programmed and scammed, plain and simple. Most of humanity will never tap into their Higher Potentials because they are so into their paradigms and philosophies that they learned from someone or something else.

There is only one place where you will discover Truth and that is within your own heart and spirit. Everything else is meant to pull you off path. Anyone else's philosophy is for them and not you to follow. Begin to go within your heart and seek Truth there. Stop believing things just because they sound spiritual or someone famous is teaching it.

Fact is, most of this information is simply programs and outdated belief systems that humans have created in order to sell you something. You can agree with me or not, I am simply presenting you with facts that you can actually observe and see with your own eyes.

Where are all the fit, healthy, happy and on path people then? Where are all the people who are crushing it and rocking their life and tapping into their Higher Potentials???

Your body and your brain are the True path to your expansion. Perhaps if you begin to invest more time and energy into taking care of your Sacred Vehicle, that you may begin to feel better, to feel more mentally clear and actually have the experience of True Expansion.

My recommendation is to focus 95% of your energy on your body. Learn to supply it with the foundational elements it requires to link you into Higher Source. Learn to love and honor it like a Sacred Temple and Sanctuary. You have one shot at leaving a legacy on this planet. Thus, you require to have a supremely healthy body as to make the greatest impact on the world.

With a high vibration, with an abundance of energy each day and clear mental and emotional well being, you shall be a Force out in the world. You will change the molecules and atoms of every room you walk into. People will stop and be impacted with your vibration and your audacity to shine as brilliant as a million suns.

3 Holistic Health Tips For Improving Your Brain Function:

1) Begin to use more healthy fats into your daily nutrition intake. Use more grass fed butter either plain or on your meals. You can use butter as a supplement and take it in the morning. Intake 2 to 3 slivers of pure butter upon waking and you will see your energy levels go through the roof. You will also notice many other body functions improving like digestion and libido and mental clarity.

You can also use organic hemp seed oil in your smoothies and on fruit and desserts like my super powered Mousse Blissity recipe that you can find in my Fun Food Fantastic recipe book.

2) Your brain requires the properly super charged and structured water. Your brain is like a battery and requires lots of hydration every day in order to ensure the super fast processing is efficient. It requires water as to provide the ideal hydrostatic balance of brain processes. In essence, water is a transport medium for your brain as to carry out its billions of neurological processes and for linking you to Higher Source faculties.

You can elevate the vibration of your water by simply clearing your water with your intention and Consciousness to remove all negative aspects and memories from it. You can input a pinch of pink Himalayan Salt into your water. You can also use gem stones like hematite, turquoise and tourmaline. Simply place them near your water bottle as to elevate the life force. Be sure to cleanse your gem stones frequently.

One of the best ways to elevate the structuring of your water and adding maximum Life Force in it is by using a water vortexer. This water vortexer is doing a number of life enhancing benefits to it like erasing the memory, elevating oxygen levels, and shifting the molecules so the water is more hydrating to your brain and body along with infusing more Light into your water.

In essence, this vortexer is reactivating the water thus generating more Life Force and bioelectricity. This bioelectricity is required by your body to activate many biological processes and to supply your cells with the fuel for producing ATP, the holy grail of Life Force.

You can also use my Aqua Light Quantum Water. This water is super structured and the bonding angles are shifted for maximum penetration into your cells. You simply add drops into your water and it entrains all the water molecules to shift and be more hydrating and filled with Light. In essence, it helps water to remember it Divine State of being infused with Light & Consciousness. You can purchase this in my QUANTUM NUTRITION Store.

3) Your brain uses electrolytes as a catalyst for super high speed functioning. Thus, your brain requires high quality electrolytes in the form of Fulvic Acid Minerals & Essence Of Life super conductive minerals as to be the fuel and catalyzing compounds for neural activity and communication. These minerals tend to activate your brain better than most other compounds as they are quick to absorb into your body system.

These Fulvic Acid Minerals & Essence Of Life Electrolytes also assist your body to detox itself. Your brain can store lots of toxins as in heavy metals and your pineal gland can become calcified from the modern GMO and toxic food supply and flouride found in most spigot water. It will be of great benefit for you to assist your brain and body to remove these impurities as to enhance the ability of neural activity and communication.

Begin to embody these 3 holistic health tips as to elevate your capacity of brain functioning and overall better body balance. You may notice miracles showing up in your life as you do.

Remember to shine as brilliant as a million suns...

To Your Most Victorious Life,

ZERIAN - The Health Alchemist

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