3 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

There are many spiritual schools of thought about raising Consciousness and expanding awareness. Each spiritual philosophy teaches its own processes for attempting to raise someone's awareness as to assist them on their evolutionary journey.

I feel that expanding your Consciousness is much easier than what most people will belive. In fact, it is so easy that it's hard for most people. Yeah, I know...quite a paradox! I feel that humanity tends to make things harder than what they can be. Somehow humanity has been programmed to give its power over to outside philosophies and teachings over thousands of years.

Humans have learned to access information from outside of themselves. Whether in the form of books, attending public gatherings or from a so called master or guru. Well, if I may be bluntly honest...this form of accessing information and knowledge from outside of oneself it not ideal for anyone's expansion.

All you have to do is look and observe life and people. What has been the result of this form of gathering information and knowledge? What good has come from this do you think? I look and see much disharmony in the world. I see people who are so set in their philosophy that they will judge others who do not have the same beliefs. I see many people thinking they are superior to others simply because they feel their paradigm is better than the other.

Where do most people get their information and knowledge from? From someone or something else other than their inner being. This sets you up for limitations and becoming stagnant. Again, simply look at humanity at this point in time. Do you really think humans are evolving right now? I am sorry to have to inform you but humanity is not evolving right now at all. In fact, humanity is on the direct path of becoming extinct in the next 30 years.

The proof is in the pudding my friend. Just look and feel. Do you really see humans expanding and living delicious lives? Do you see most people living their Higher Potentials? Do you see harmony among many races across the planet? Do you see humanity treating this planet like a sacred jewel? Be honest? In fact, it is quite the opposite.

3 Easy Ways To Expand Your Consciousness

1) To expand your Consciousness you require to access information from within yourself. You do this by unplugging from anything that will distract your awareness like cell phones, computers and people. Then you begin to tap into your Higher Source. You can sink into your center and simply breathe for a few minutes.

Your heart center is your fulcrum and access point of gather and information from Source. So, sit in this space each day and relax into the peace.You can then ask questions that are specific to any life issue or anything you require to learn. Remember to keep breathing during these sessions.

2) Go out in nature and connect. This is one of the greatest ways to expand your Consciousness. In fact, tapping into Mother Earth is the easiest way to plug into Universal Consciousness and Source. You can go to any park, forest, beach or mountains and simply lay or sit on the Earth and energetically connect yourself to Earth.

Next, begin to breathe and relax your full being. After a few minutes you can now begin to tap into the wisdom of the planet. Ask questions that you require answers for. Ask for guidance or assistance on your journey. Mother Earth is the wisest being in our reality so make it a habit to do this practice frequently. You will see that you will receive strong impulses and intuitive downloads that can dramatically catapult you to your Higher Potentials. You will also see how it can significantly expand your Consciousness.

3) Create radiant health by detoxing and nourishing your body adequately. You may not be aware that your body is the fulcrum of your expansion. Your brain houses organs and glands that are directly connected to your ability to raise your awareness and for processing Higher Faculties of intuition, clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Your body is the Holy Chalice and is the secret gateway to expansion. Your brain requires base element nutrients and the proper hydration to process the Light codes and bioenergetic information coming from Source. If you have a toxic body or are eating unhealthy diets then your connection and processing of Higher Faculties will be limited and in many cases you will feel scattered and off. It is kind of like when your internet connection gets bogged and loading pages is super slow.

If you are toxic and are not supplying your body with its requirements each day both in the form of vital bionutrients and the proper hydration, then your body and brain can not process the bioenergetic information you require to expand and evolve.

Listen up my friend...your body is the secret vehicle through which your expansion occurs. I see way too many people doing many laborous practices and modalities attempting to expand while they neglect their health of the body and they struggle in their life.

Your body is supposed to produce thousands of hormones and biochemicals that are required for expanding your Life Force. Life Force is the holy grail of health and your expansion. The Asian cultures call it CHI. They know that with an abundance of Life Force permeating your body, you are healthy and your whole life then flows.


If you have some health condition or your life does not flow the way you are intending then it is because you have low Life Force or something impeding your Life Force. It is this simple. Humanity has lost this wisdom of your Sacred Body. Your body is a Sacred Temple and requires to be honored as such. Most people treat their body as a machine and dump toxic foods into it each day and then they wonder why they struggle in life and have low vibe.

I will like to invite you a Higher Dimension of health and wellness. With radiant health, you will see miracles showing up in your life. You will find yourself happier, more relaxed and your life will flow better. You will also have more of your Higher Faculties kicking in as to expand your Consciousness which benefits you and all of humanity.

Give these practices a try and let me know how it goes. Do remember to contact me if your require any assistance on your journey.

 To Your Most Victorious Life,


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