Aqua Light is the next quantum leap in human nutrition. You may not be aware of the fact that the current food and water supply is not ideal nutrition for your holy temple. There is an evolution going on this planet and your body is requiring a higher vibrational input as to match the current human evolutionary requirements.

The modern food supply is genetically altered, even organic produce is hybridized and not in an ideal molecular structure for your holy temple to thrive. The water supply is also not in an ideal molecular and energetic structure to fuel your holy temple for higher radiance.

So what is the solution? Actually it is quite begin to nourish your sacred body with information, energy and light and bypass ingesting altered and dense food constituents.

The secret is your body is a vibrating spiritual instrument. It is being run mainly via photons, information and plasma. As you begin to input these higher frequencies into your Holy Temple, your body begins to activate via your DNA and pineal gland.

Aqua Light is the next evolution in human nourishment because it fuels your body and consciousness with higher frequencies that are essential to your expansion and evolution.

Thank you for your interest and for desiring to unleash your Superhero.


It's time to unleash your Superhero and go be the person you came to be..

Zerian Radian - The Health Alchemist


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