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The 3 Core Expansion & Evolution Stiflers That Prevent Most Changemakers From Ever Tapping Into Their Higher Potentials Or Living A Victorious Life

Do you feel over emotional and repeating life patterns showing up constantly even though you have done years of personal development and other spiritual modalities to resolve this stuff with little to no improvement in your life? Does your life simply not flow and seem like it's so hard to attract and manifest your dreams?

Do you feel for all the money you have spent on health and wellness and personal growth that you would feel and look a whole lot better than you do and that your life would flow so much easier than it is?

If your life is not flowing the way you consciously desire, are not feeling well or are overweight then you require to be aware of some basic holistic facts. Just because you are conscious and spiritual and doing meditation and other spiritual practices and eating organic foods and taking organic supplements does not mean this automatically translates into health and wellness and expansion.

In fact, as a higher consciousness being in our modern polluted society, you are going to require a whole new approach to nutrition and health and for accessing your inner superhero powers. 95% of what is being taught out there for human health and spiritual growth is not going to help you be radiantly healthy or create a juicy life.

You have tried the diets, the organic foods, the organic supplements and holistic therapies, numerous personal development practices, yet, emotional well being, radiant health and a life that flows still elude you.

Come on this sacred journey with me as I expand your Consciousness of the vital components you require to living a healthy and victorious life so you may go out and serve your mission with an abundance of energy and a body that is supremely fit and radiant or what I call Luminous.

Your Body Is A Sacred Temple

"Your body and health are the true gateway to expansion and evolution.”


They are the fulcrum of who you are and how you express yourself in the world. With radiant health and an abundance of energy you can go out and be the person you are here to be.

Without radiant health and an abundance of energy you will never tap into your higher potentials let alone achieve your most desired manifestations.”

Your body is the holy chalice spoken of in myth and legends. It is the sacred vessel that houses Source Consciousness. It is the magic vortex of creation humanity has been seeking for thousands of years.

To truly expand and evolve, you require to elevate the vibration of your body, cells & DNA past the speed of light, otherwise, you will be subject to the limiting 3 dimensional laws of this dense domain.

As you increase your body and DNA vibration past the speed of light, you ignite your pineal gland and higher faculties of what I call your magical superhero powers. This is how true manifestation works my friend, not by the erroneous Laws Of Attraction. Your body is the secret attractor factor. Once you activate it and ignite your DNA, now you can attract & manifest as a conscious creator.

It is at this point that you can go out and serve your mission as to to be a catalyst for the expansion of Consciousness. You will activate people with simply your vibration.

To serve your mission in the highest capacity possible, you require to clear all health disorders, toxicities, distorted energies, belief systems, ancestral connections, along with traumas and imprints from your auric field (biofield), body, cells, and Consciousness.

You then require to nourish your full body and soul with frequencies of color, light, sound and living foods that have the base element nutrients and light codes your brain requires to activate your pineal gland and higher faculties.

As a clear vessel of Source, you can now go out and ignite people with simply your body vibration and your words as they carry a higher frequency as to activate their soul.

There are 3 main impediments that block your ability to ignite your brilliance and unleash your magic.

The Food Supply

The modern food supply lacks the vital nutrients your body requires for radiant health and for activating your brain and higher faculties. It is empty packets of DEAD matter that actually lowers your vibration and makes you more dense.

Also, 90% of the world food supply is now either GMO or hybridized, both of which your body can not recognize as nutrition. The "organic" food supply is also altered as in GMO and hybridized, you can believe it or not. Your choice.

Most health philosophies out there are not the Truth. Just look and the proof is quite apparent. There are epidemics that continue to rise each year. So, if these so called "healthy nutrition lifestyles" are really true then there would be many more people healthy and fit. The opposite is actually true.

As a higher Consciousness being, you are going to require higher vibrational food inputs as to keep your body, cells and DNA elevated past the speed of light. Do not expect to find many high vibrational foods in society. This means you are going to have to be empowered and create your own or purchase products that are being made by others who comprehend how to create food that is high frequency or what I call Living Food that is charged with Light and Consciousness.

The Water Supply

The water supply on this planet is bioenergetically dead, meaning it has no life force in it. Bottled water is toxic and contains plastic residues that clogs your pineal gland, brain, liver, kidneys and detox channels causing you to store toxins. As such, you will not be eliminating wastes out of your body system. This significantly lowers your vibration. This also impedes your higher faculties of Intuition, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and weakens you spiritually. You will not be able to raise your vibration and as such you will be subject to the limiting laws of 3 dimensional living.

Thus, the main reason for obesity and health epidemics out there is that the water supply is DEAD and thus can not hydrate nor detox the body system. This leads to people accumulating and storing toxic compounds and this toxic water in their body.

You require living water that has life force in it and in the ideal molecular structure as to create the proper magnetic charge to transport nutrients to the cell membrane receptors. Living water with life force also magnetically attracts toxins in your body system and expunges them via your waste channels.

Living water with Light is a liquid crystal that connects you to Source via your pineal gland and endocrine system. You are primarily made up of Light and Consciousness my friend, therefore, you require food and water that has Light and Consciousness in it as to be able to truly hydrate and nourish your full being.

The modern food and water supply can not sustain you nor tap you into Higher Sources nor allow you to ignite your brilliance or unleash you magic.

The Chaotic Electromagnetic Frequencies in the Environment

Most humans have no idea that their body is mainly functioning via light codes and other high vibrational frequencies coming from Source. These light codes and frequencies provide your body, cells and DNA the proper information so they can process and transform your body as to be a conduit for the expression of Source.

Ideally, your body system requires to be in an earthly environment that is grounding and contains coherent or harmonic energies and frequencies. Coherent environment energies provide your body a sacred medium or sanctuary if you will, that allows your cells and DNA to intake nutrition, light and earth energies to create homeostasis.

This modern society with all its incoherent frequencies in the environment is disrupting the natural flow of cellular processes. It is pulling people's frequency down and disturbing their connection to Higher Source.​
It is kind of like when you are listening to the radio and there is a pleasant song on that is harmonic and then all of a sudden, there is static. That static is incoherent and you can no longer enjoy the music. Well, your body, cells and DNA require to play a harmonic and coherent song as to align your Consciousness and Higher Faculties so you may serve in the greatest capacity possible.

Thus, you require to create an energy environment as to provide a sanctuary for your Sacred Temple. Your body is primarily made up of Light and Consciousness. You are here to express yourself as to generate more Light as to uplift yourself and the planet.

Your body is a sacred vehicle for generating more Light and more Consciousness.

It is the secret key to evolution that has been kept hidden from you and humanity for thousands of years.

Your Body Is A Sacred Temple

"If You're Not Glowin, You're Not Gonna Be Flowin"




The Secret Of All Secrets:

True Expansion & Evolution is Biological

Body and Soul metamorphosis and living resurrection is about assisting you to transcend your perceived limitations and revealing your active role in the process of conscious manifestation. As you activate and ignite your DNA, you unleash your soul resonance and you become a master of your own reality rather than being a victim of it. Instead of being a passive observer and having the winds of life blow you here and there, you can make reality respond to your conscious will. Ultimately the gift is freedom across your full emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being.

The Masters and Adepts of ancient spiritual traditions from around the world unveiled how the seeds of this transformation exist within each and every human being. In fact, they called the human body …
the ‘sacred alchemical vessel of transformation’.

Ancient Hermetic Alchemy Knew The Secret of All Secrets

In Ancient Hermetic Alchemy they used a symbol of triangle, circle and square to represent the spirit, soul and body, all the essential elements required for alchemical transformation. Hermetic Alchemy uses the subtle fires and life force of the body, including sacred sexuality and love as powerful tools for spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness and for transmuting the physical body matter into purer and more refined energies.

This is why most people struggle with spiritual transformation. It is because they don’t know how to care for their holy temple properly and their vibration stays low and dense. Thus, their body can not handle higher and more refined frequencies and as such their soul becomes stagnant just as a seed would stop growing if you did not water it nor care for it properly.

Sacred Alchemy & Transmutation of your Holy Temple is the art of raising your vibration and having the highest energy available with you at all times so you can create an endless supply of power for your soul to thrive. Your body and soul are intrinsically linked. Your body being the house of your soul and the provider of life force for your soul to thrive.

The common myths and misunderstanding of alchemy of the transforming of lower base metals into gold actually represents the the transmutation of the physical body into ever more refined forms of energy and the activation of ever more subtle bodies and higher consciousness.
The higher in vibration your body is the more your soul can expand and evolve.

The pure forms of ancient Hermetic and Alchemical traditions did not view the soul as something that is equal to every human nor fully activated. Rather, it is something that needs to be nurtured and activated just like a seed you plant in your garden. Thus the ancient Hermetics believed each person only has a seed of a soul and it is up to us to nourish it, nurture it and cultivate it as to attain higher levels of consciousness and personal growth.

​Just as a seed in your garden requires essential care for its expansion and growth, so too does your soul need to be cared for in the proper manner as to ignite its higher potential so you can unleash your brilliance to the world. Your body thus needs to vibrate super high as to allow this transformation and transmutation to occur since your soul resonance can only expand and thrive in such an environment.

"Your soul expansion can only go

as high as your holy temple will allow."


         met·a·mor·pho·sis [met-uh-mawr-fuh-seez]

Biology. a profound change in form from one stage to another in the life transformation of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. Or, a complete change of form, structure, or substance, as in transformation.

You are a superhero with magical powers inside a holy temple waiting to be unleashed.

This truth has been kept hidden from you and humanity for thousands of years. You are supposed to be creating and manifesting your heart's desires with ease, however, you have been purposely deactivated, misled and programmed to keep you from accessing your full soul superpowers.

"You are a Superhero in a body, however, you have been deactivated just like kryptonite completely paralyzes Super Man. "

The time is now to bring this wisdom back to humanity so we can all be the Superheroes to save the human race from self destruction. It is time to reawaken your soul force so you can go out there and serve your mission with a POP that will leave a legacy.

Your body is a sacred vehicle for generating Light and Consciousness. It is the secret key to evolution that has been kept hidden from you and humanity for thousands of years.



true expansion and evolution happens through your holy temple (your body).

The core and seat of your spirituality is within your brain, pineal gland, endocrine system and spinal cord. Thus, you require to supply your body with the keys that unlock this holy temple.

This is living water and base elements nutrients along with inputting various earth frequencies, colors and sound vibrations. These energies synergize your holy temple and are the catalysts that ignite your spirituality of what I call your Soul Force.

Your soul force needs to be ignited. You CAN NOT do this with meditation nor with the many superficial personal development philosophies out there. You do this by inputting the essential frequencies (keys) that jump start your expansion, just as you require a key to start your car.

Are Your Ready To Unlock Your Holy Temple
So You Can Ignite Your Soul Force AND Unleash Your Legacy?