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Your Body Is A Holy Temple & The Secret Gateway To True Expansion

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  • the freedom to be uniquely YOU without concern of others opinions

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There are monumental changes occurring on the planet right now. All facets of life are being challenged, outdated paradigms are collapsing and we as a humanity are on the verge of becoming extinct. There is a deeper need for conscious people to step up and be the forerunners of a new paradigm for humanity. At this point in this game of life we are out of time. We must choose if we as a collective are going to let money and material goodies rule our lives or if we will choose to catapult ourselves to a new dimension of living.

With Luminosity Consciousness you are choosing to create a new reality for this planet. You are stepping up to the plate and calling out anything and everything that does not uplift humanity or this planet as a whole. You are pushing the boundaries of what most people think it possible. You are questioning everything about our humanity and this life. You are investigating ways that we as a collective can evolve ourselves to a more harmonic way of expressing and living.

The time is at hand and this planet needs your help right now more than ever. Your services are required and your vibration is essential in the expansion of our Consciousness and our humanity as a whole. You are here for a monumental task of planet restoration and Consciousness elevation. We are the ones that this planet has been looking for, for thousands of years. The time is now. Join us on our exploration of Consciousness and the expansion of all life on this sacred jewel called Earth. I thank you immensely!

To The Most Victorious Life For All Beings,
Zerian Radian - Ambassador For Higher Consciousness


Self Mastery, DNA Activation,
Self Actualization, Self Healing Powers,
Higher Well Being
"You Are Here To Be A Model Of The Next Quantum Leap In Human Potential. You Are Here To Create A New Reality For The World." - Zerian Radian
My Mission is to empower and inspire you and humanity towards expanding the boundaries of human potential
Have More Energy, Regenerate Your Body, Look Younger, Feel More Connected To Life, Explore Higher Possibilities, Elevate Your Consciousness, Pursue Your Passions, Master Self Healing, Become Self Actualized, Connect In Conscious Community, Discover Higher Levels Of Truth, Promote Love & Compassion, Unleash Your Superhero ;)
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